Agreed. What fired the odious narkobarona

Договорился. За что увольняют одиозного наркоборца

Ilya Kiva more famous for his scandalous utterances, and not in the interior Ministry.

The head of the National police khatia Dekanoidze will initiate the dismissal of the head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime Ilya Kiva.

Kiva recently became the most famous Ukrainian policeman. He will be remembered for his controversial statements and strange antics.

Past the policeman, too, raises a lot of questions.

Correspondent.netgathered the brightest facts of the biography of the wrestler with drugs.

Criminal records

In his native Poltava about Kivu is full of rumors. It is called associated with the Poltava criminal world, “reshaloy” from the 90s.

During operation, the Deputy head of the Poltava regional Department for consumer protection in 2011 year, Kiva extorted bribes from local businesses – asked for reduction in the penalty amount of 1.5 thousand dollars.

In 2013, the year of the Oktyabrskiy district court of Poltava Kivu recognized guilty under article 368 of the criminal code “receiving a bribe by the official in especially large sizes”.

Perhaps due to the fact that the bribe amount was small, as punishment, he received only a fine of $ 600 exemption, and a ban for a year to take positions of responsibility.

Later the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Herashchenko said in the verdict that “during the Yanukovych regime thus pursued the patriots”.

The participant ATO

Kiva participated in the Maidan. From February to may 2014, he headed the Eastern wing of “Right sector” and even was the authorized representative of Dmitry Yarosh in the presidential election.

In September 2014 the Minister of internal Affairs signed the order on appointment of the Kiva to the position of battalion commander MOI battalion “Poltava”, which included the battalion “Poltava”, a company “Kremenchug” Roth and “peace”.

But from the earliest days between the battalion commander and part of the battalion “Poltava” started the confrontation. The officers were outraged by the presence of the battalion commander problems with the law and the absence of any military rank and years of service in the army.

It is believed that the Kiva was involved in the evacuation of people from Debaltsevo, working as the Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Donetsk region.

As Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kherson region, it was opposed by the activists after the explosion of the power lines on the border with Crimea, in an attempt to facilitate the repair of power lines.

The anti-drug Crusader

In October of 2015 even before the adoption of the law on the National police Avakov has appointed Ilya Kivu head of Department of combating drug-related crime.

In his new role, Kiva has initiated a search in the famous Kiev club Closer. Kiva said that the club was closed, but in fact he continued to work.

For that fire

Want to fire Kivu for a long time, he has not passed on retesting and otherwise hiding from it, ignoring the Commission meeting.

In an interview published on April 21, Kiva stated, in particular, that set in his service now, staff is not enough (“maybe it’s sabotage,” he suggested), and the organizers of cocaine smuggling, “implying that sooner or later they gonna take him down”.

On the question of who will “blame”, Kiva said, “there is Nobody, whether that? Now these Atashikov who have nothing to do, fully. But the hand only to the machine and used. Honestly, it is not so difficult question to choke the man. I move around just right.”

Also in this interview, Kiva said that “Kyiv is a large public house,” and he hates people who “make women into whores.”

“If Dekanoidze I will not kill and will not persuade B. Arsen (Arsen Avakov, the interior Minister) to kick me out, I will have the opportunity of investigation, and the first city with which I begin will be Kiev”, – he said, and at the same time noted that earlier he used “service whores”, and perhaps would have enjoyed them and now, “but there is no time with this work”.

Other resonant statements

Kiva believes homosexuality is a sin. On his page on Facebook he posted a passage from the old Testament, which calls to punish homosexuals with death.

“If a man lies with a man as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death; their blood is upon them” – he quoted the 13th Chapter 20 verse of the book of Leviticus.

Договорился. За что увольняют одиозного наркоборца


Kiva separately wrote that his post relates to the city – that is, attempt to spend in the city LGBT festival, which was disrupted as a result.

Kiva also allows for non-judicial punishment in cases where the law does not work.

Answering the question “do you Concede out-of-court solution to any problem, if you cannot punish the criminal according to the law?” Kiva replied: “There is morality and there is a law. And not always the law makes it possible to preserve morality”.

To clarify the journalist “do you Admit non-judicial punishment?” Kiva noted: “of course, I allow.”

“The goal is to preserve society. The most important thing in my view is the human soul and human life. If a dilemma arises for the preservation of human life, I am ready to break the law,” he added.

Answering the question “are you Willing to take a polygraph?” Kiva replied, “of Course! Wow! A polygraph is willing to pass me?”.