AI for Kyiv in March 2019 Ukraine will start the first project designed to explore the ethics of automated decision making

AI for Kyiv — в марте 2019 в Украине стартует первый проект, призванный исследовать этику автоматизированного принятия решений

Public organization “SMART CITY HUB” with the support of the Kyiv city state administration received $ 260,000 from the global philanthropic organization Luminate.

March 5, 2019, in Kiev, the public organization “SMART CITY HUB” with the support of Kyiv city state administration launches ambitious project AI for Kyiv to study the ethics and transparency of automated decision-making in Kiev. 14-month project is funded by a grant in the amount of 260 000 USD from Luminate, the worldwide philanthropic organization aimed at empowering cooperation of people and institutions to build fair and inclusive societies. Luminate created by Pierre Mediaroom, the founder of eBay.

The project of Artificial intelligence (AI) for Kyiv — Artificial intelligence for Kiev is intended to initiate a discussion about the digital rights of people in Ukraine, and to develop practical examples of transparent, accountable and equitable use of artificial intelligence and/or computer-aided decision-making services of the Kiev city administration. Public organization “SMART CITY HUB” is committed to design and find optimal solutions to improve the quality of life in the city based on the principles of open data access and intellectual and transparent transformation of city management with the use of modern technologies and innovations.

Miroslav GROMOVA, Executive Director of the “SMART CITY HUB” – “We are proud to become the first team in the world, which civil society can help government in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms. Mi plan to initiate in the Ukrainian public discourse on the issue of ethics and the feasibility of using artificial intelligence in the digital infrastructure of Kiev. In this way it is very important to have the support of Luminate, known worldwide as one of the largest investors in this area”.

Olena BOYTSUN, Director of Luminate investment in Central and Eastern Europe “Organization Luminate funds and supports the world’s leading and most influential organizations protecting the rights of people in the development and use of data and technology. Thanks to the first grant for the “SMART CITY HUB” we’re starting to build an ecosystem of digital rights in Central and Eastern Europe. We believe that if civil society will have the opportunity to participate in the development of automated decision making in public administration, it will lead to a more equitable, open and transparent decision-making process”.

Yuri NAZAROV, Director of the Department of information and communication technologies, Kyiv city state administration – “by involving the public in public discussion about the possibilities of artificial intelligence, the city authorities will be able to determine priorities in the development of urban digital infrastructure. Kiev has already taken the first step toward the intellectualization of the urban space. According to the results, we will build a strategy for the implementation of artificial intelligence in the scale of the four million metropolis. Using innovative technology, we will work towards developing inclusive and equitable dialogue between residents and city authorities”.

Project AI for Kyiv will last for 14 months to study the use of automated decision-making in administrative services of the Ukrainian capital. The FIRST “SMART CITY HUB” will explore indicators of inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in order to determine how the transparency in decision-making and the use of artificial intelligence will contribute to a more inclusive and equitable governance processes. The budget for the project is 260 000 dollars.

AI for Kyiv — в марте 2019 в Украине стартует первый проект, призванный исследовать этику автоматизированного принятия решений



More about the “SMART CITY HUB”:
“SMART CITY HUB” is a social organization created to promote ideas of smart city among the residents. The organization was founded in the year 2016 with the aim of uniting the city authorities, business and active members of society. The main goal is to identify ways to further infrastructural, technological and social development, to educate a new generation of residents who will be active participants in the development of digital infrastructure and consciously will affect the city. Joint efforts with representatives of civil society, the public organization “SMART CITY HUB” was launched 28 projects with the aim of improving the quality of life and improving the infrastructure of the Ukrainian capital. The organization holds a strategic session with the participation of citizens and representatives of the city authorities to develop a roadmap of each project. The projects are aimed at introducing hi-tech technologies used to interact with the city systems. Thus the relationship between citizens and government becomes stronger, faster and more efficient.

More about Luminate:
Luminate is a global philanthropic organization focused on empowering the cooperation of the people and institutions with the aim of building fair and inclusive societies. The organization was founded in 2018 by Pierre Mediaroom, the founder of eBay, to 2018 was presented in Ukraine as Omidyar Network. Luminate works with its donors and partners to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to participate in shaping and addressing issues that affect society. Activities also aimed at increasing the responsibility and accountability of the government, corporations, media, as well as those in positions of power. Luminate solves these problems by funding and supporting innovative organizations and entrepreneurs worldwide, as well as advocating for policies and actions that promote change in four spheres of influence: the empowerment of citizens, data and digital rights, financial transparency, independent media. Today Luminate was supported by 236 organizations in 18 countries with a total budget of 314 000 000 dollars.