Airbus ahead of Boeing in terms of orders

Airbus опередил Boeing по объему заказов

Airbus overtaken by a competitor

A company subject to revocation of the orders received orders on 1109 aircraft.

Aircraft Airbus Group in December of 2017, received a record in the history of the company the amount of orders for 841 of the aircraft, allowing the company for the year to overtake us rival Boeing, reports Prime.

As noted, in early January, the American competitor, Airbus – Boeing – has announced that it has increased the supply of aircraft in 2017 by 2% compared to the previous year, to a record high of 763 pieces. The company has secured for the year 912 new orders with a total value 134,8 billion dollars from the 71 client.

“Given the repeal of the orders in December, the net volume of orders in the last month of 2017 was 776 aircraft. This allowed to increase the portfolio of orders for 2017 to 1109 731 aircraft against aircraft in 2016,” says Airbus today.

In addition, in December the company had recorded another record – for the supply of aircraft. The company delivered 127 aircraft 50 clients, including 105 aircraft, A320 aircraft and 12 A330 aircraft, nine A350 WXB and one A380. “As a result the volume of deliveries for the year reached 718 688 aircraft against aircraft in 2016,” adds Airbus.

Remember, China plans to buy 184 Airbus $18 billion.