Airlines should the Ukrainians €2 million for flight delays

Авиакомпании должны украинцам €2 млн за задержки рейсов

Since the beginning of the year around the world due to problems in the work of aviaprestige affected 4.5 million passengers.

In the first half from delays, cancellation and overbooking of flights worldwide were affected 4.5 million passengers, the total amount of compensation that they have to pay the airlines, amounts to 1.9 billion euros, according to AirHelp, the company paid compensation for disrupted flights.

The total amount of compensation that carriers must pay the air travel around the world, compared to the first half of last year grew by almost 500 million euros.

On the territory of Ukraine for the period was 96 canceled and delayed flights disrupted flights from the affected 6417 passengers; the total amount of compensation which they are entitled, is about 2 million euros.

As noted in the company, one of these factors could be the decision of the European court according to which airlines should be held responsible for the strike of its employees, that is, the strikes are no longer considered exceptional circumstances exempting the carriers from liability to pay passengers compensation for a disrupted flight.

Passengers who suffered delayed or cancelled flight or denied boarding, you can rely on the financial compensation up to 600 Euro per person, subject to certain conditions: either the airport of departure must be in the borders of the European Union or the carrier must be based in the EU and to make a flight with arrival at the airport in the EU.

In addition, the delay of the flight was to take place through the fault of the airline. Application for compensation must be filed within three years from the date of disrupted flight, the report says.

As you know, in recent months, airlines repeatedly delayed or cancelled flights on popular tourist routes of the Ukrainians.


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