Alasania left the post of head of the Board of Public

Аласания покинул должность главы правления Общественного

Zurab Alasania

While Zurab Alasania continued to work in television and radio in the position of expert of the Board.

Zurab Alasania resigned from the post of Chairman of the Board of JSC national public broadcasting company of Ukraine. He said this on his page in Facebook

“The decision of the Supervisory Board for early termination of the contract, the court declared illegal and cancelled. But today I resigned,” wrote Alasania.

But, he said, “this does not mean that we are retreating”.

“This means that we comply with the law. That is: the court decision comes into force after 30 days (from the date of receipt of defendants of this decision, or if appealed, from the date of the decision of the court of second instance). Until that time, the court cancelled the decision of the Supervisory Board is formally in force. This means that today my the contract is considered terminated,” wrote Alasania.

He States that in this situation there were two options.

“The Supervisory Board would step forward and admit his mistake, having cancelled the decision before the official entry into force of the judgment, I could try on the checkered blanket. Purshia variant is not on the Supervisory Board. Second – it’s not about me,” Alasania said.

“Therefore from the position of Chairman of the Board – walk. Today the Chairman of the Board of the public broadcaster is a member of our team Nikolay Chernotsky, which is still responsible for branches Public. I continue to work in the company (in the position of expert of the Board) until the court decision enters into legal force”, – he added.

Recall that dismissed President Vladimir Zelensky from the post of member of the National Council on television and radio broadcasting Vladimir Gorkovenko filed in the Supreme court on the President, demanding to recognize illegal the decision of dismissal.


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