Alcohol consumption in the world increased by 70% in 27 years

Потребления алкоголя в мире выросло на 70% за 27 лет

In a world of rapidly increasing levels of alcohol consumption

In some countries, a decrease in the level of alcohol consumption, and the ratio of drinkers and abstainers has not changed.

At the Institute of clinical psychology and psychotherapy at the Technical University of Dresden has conducted a study showing that the level of alcohol consumption around the world increased by 70 percent. It is reported by DW with reference to the journal The Lancet.

Researcher Jakob Mantli asserts that from 1990 to 2017, the amount of alcohol consumed in the world has increased significantly.

The researchers analyzed data from 27 ha det obtained from 189 countries. It turns out that at the time 2017 the level of consumption of alcoholic drinks increased by 70 percent compared to 1990.

The study involved people aged 15 to 99 years. “Leader” in the amount of alcohol consumed was Moldova – 15 liters of pure alcohol per person. The smallest index in Kuwait – 0,005 liters per year.

In India and China, the consumption of alcohol has almost doubled. Highest growth in this indicator differ in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The last thing they drink in middle Eastern countries.

While in Eastern Europe the amount of alcohol consumed declined sharply. Also, experts note that the number of “teetotalers and drunks” is almost unchanged because of population growth.

Approximately the same trends of growth and decline of level of alcohol consumption, experts predict up to 2030.

Earlier it was reported that in alcoholics the strongest marriages. It was also reported that scientists have named two reasons for the development of breast cancer, one of which is alcohol.

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