Alcohol consumption increases cancer risk – scientists

Употребление алкоголя повышает риск развития рака – ученые

Alcohol causes damage to DNA

Acetaldehyde, a breakdown product of ethanol, can cause double-stranded breaks in DNA.

Researchers found that alcohol damages the DNA of cells-precursors cerveobraznae cells. This increases the risk of developing cancer. A study published in the journal Nature.

The researchers gave the mice a solution of ethanol, and then analyzed the DNA of stem cells. Blood cells were used, in particular, because the damage he caused spreads to the entire body.

It turned out that acetaldehyde, a breakdown product of ethanol, can cause double-stranded breaks in DNA. In addition, genetically modified mice incapable of developing breaks down acetaldehyde of enzymes, DNA damage was four times more.

The body is protected from exposure to acetaldehyde in two ways. First, with the help of a group of enzymes, acetyldihydrocodeine turns acetaldehyde to acetate, which can use for energy. Secondly, try to repair damaged DNA.

However, some people (especially among Asians) congenital mutations lead to the fact that none of these protection systems is not working, which greatly increases the risk of cancer, particularly cancer of the esophagus.

Genetics: a Person continues to evolve

Earlier, scientists have found that drinking alcohol in large quantity destroys the cells of the stomach.

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