Alcohol in Ukraine can rise

Алкоголь в Украине может подорожать

The economy Ministry has proposed to raise the price of alcohol

The Ministry has proposed to raise the price of vodka and alcoholic beverages 12.4 19.6 per cent, gin, whisky and rum will be more expensive for 12%, cognac – by 6.6 to 9.5%, wine – by 4.5-13.5 percent.

The Ministry of economic development and trade proposes to increase the minimum wholesale release and retail prices on separate types of alcoholic beverages. This is stated in the draft resolution published on the Agency’s website.

In particular, it is proposed to raise the prices of vodka and LIKERO-vodka products 12.4-19.6 per cent; whiskey, rum and gin by 12%; cognac (brandy) 6.6-9.5%, the wine is 4,5-13,5%.

“Base calculation based on data of the cost of production for the second half of 2017 (material, overhead, administrative and financial expenses) producers,” the message reads.

The economy Ministry reminded that in 2018 the excise tax on brandy increased by 20% 105,80 UAH. to 126,96 UAH. for 1 liter of 100% alcohol.

“There was an increase in components of the price of alcohol due to the cost of components of production, in particular prices for alcohol, containers, components. Therefore, to date the minimum price corresponds to the actual cost of production and realization of alcoholic beverages and needs to be adjusted”, – noted in the Department.

In the river the night banned the sale of alcohol

Recall that in recent times, the Cabinet raised the minimum price of alcohol in August 2017.

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