Alena Degrik, head of FC Leogang Drink, the release of Facebook Pay in the EU

Алена Дегрик, глава ФК Леогейминг Пей, о выходе Facebook Pay в ЕС

Last Friday, the blog “In Fintech We Trust”, which leads Alena Degrik, has published an article on the prospects of Ukraine in another international mobile payments system Facebook Pay.

The opinion formed on the basis of material published in the prestigious TechCrunch, which notes that Facebook Payments International Limited received a license from the Central Bank of Ireland on the use of electronic money, issued October 24, 2018. About how it works, why the company launches another service within their social network and what can be motivated by the output of the product to our market, says Alena shautsova in his blog.

“Facebook Pay is a financial service for Messenger users (it would be more correct to call it Messenger Pay, but it is not entirely clear), launched in the U.S. in the spring of 2015. Then he went out in a release in several other countries. Thanks to him, users can send friends money via messenger without additional fees. Getting started like a working payments in Instagram clients tie their Bank card, after which the function becomes available remittances in the standard dialog box correspondence with friends”, explains Alena Degrik, pointing to the ease of use and intuitive interface.

Director of FC “Leogang Drink” (operating under the brand LeoGaming) sees great potential of the service in connection with the growing emphasis on transactions from a smartphone and a common strategy for FB for growing your business.

“Focus on building their own ecosystem around an audience of millions – one of the main long-running priority for the Corporation. As in the case of developed IG Shopping, the consumption of content moves from simple acquaintance to the format of the virtual marketplace. And if Instagram changes the audience of real goods through their visual images, the Messenger brings people together by forming a circle. It already transfers and payment in favor of digital goods. She and the other category is relevant for the domestic e-comm— actively developing and open to new things” – said Alyona Degrik (Shevtsova), indicating that the addition of payments and other popular designs.

As for the start of the Facebook Pay in Ukraine, the head of FC “Leogang Drink” and CEO LeoGaming calls for three main arguments in favor of this possibility: the success of rival mobile wallets, high degree of market readiness and sanctions of the state against Russian social networks, which opened the way for the expansion of FB.

“Apple Pay and Google Pay came into our country when it was risky and a seemingly hopeless case. However, the number licenzirovanie transactions (especially on the Apple) has a records. Every quarter there is a growing volume of money transfers and mobile payments at the expense of international investments, and a lot of suggestions to make the client polling. And finally, at the end of 2018 Facebook has over 20 million users and continues to grow. A good basis for innovation”, says Alena Degrik, noting that any long-term plans will depend on the development of the economy.