Alena Gumenyuk: “the New Mecca of entertainment in Kiev – this is a family Park Galaxy”

Алена Гуменюк: "Новая мекка развлечений в Киеве - это семейный парк Галактика"

CEO of a unique family theme Park, told about its features

In December 2016 in the new Kiev shopping center “Avalanche”opened a unique, one of the largest in Europe, a family entertainment Park “Galaxy”. In this short time the Park became one of the favorite places of Kyiv residents and guests of the capital, a city landmark and was included this summer in the tourist programs Kiyv Pass. This is not surprising because the Park has had a lot of features, which tells its CEO Alena GUMENYUK

Alena, tell us what is the uniqueness of the Park?

All our amusements, indeed, unique, because they are no analogues in Ukraine, they are designed for all age groups and the consumer of any income level. We are global bestsellers that can be found in other foreign parks: roller coaster, Air Race, Pirate Ship, disco 24, the Midi Dance Party 360, 7D cinema, kids karting, themed chamber of horrors, a maze, trampolines, playgrounds, game machines and special attraction “SPACE HUB” – in such a configuration, as we have it in the world, is an adventure HUB, a single project , which features all kinds of extreme activities: rope Park, cave, free fall QUICK JUMP, ROLLGLIDER, as well as an interactive climbing wall, by the way, all these sites use the latest safety equipment – professional systems Onbelay who invented the leader of this industry.

Speaking of safety systems and safety principles… Often we hear about tragic cases in these parks, what about this case in the Galaxy?

The biggest value for me and the team of the Park “Galaxy” is the safety of visitors and their good mood. All of our rides – brand new, developed by the world market leader discover designed-to-order, mounted and tested with the involvement of the best specialists from abroad and Ukraine, they are maintained and operated by specially prepared and trained people – instructors, operators, technicians. The Park has a strong team of physicians who quickly respond to any questions. It is worth saying that the theme today is “smart”, equipped with numerous sensors, special software that minimizes and, I would say, virtually eliminates operator error and human factor in principle. Believe me, we are monitoring this issue. We have safe!



Whether in the Park more attractions and entertainment in addition to the existing, in mass media there was information that they plan to expand?

Today, the area of our theme Park is 19.5 thousand sq. m., on the extension while it is not likely it can be called a renovation, as will soon appear more new attractions and entertainment. At the moment, we have increased almost in 2 times the area of the most popular children’s Playground in our Park – “U-Kids”. Next in line for the extension is not less popular trampoline complex – it may also be increased 2 times and moved to another location in the Park. In addition, in the near future we plan to open 5 more attractions and entertainment venues in our Park who will be able to surprise our visitors

What else are you going to surprise residents and guests of the capital?

You know, we worked for almost a year and realized that our fleet, in addition to its unique filling and attractions – an interesting location for holding large-scale events. On 3 November we held a huge event PhotoVision, which will be attended by the most prominent Ukrainian and European photographers – this day is planned to attract about 5,000 visitors, 31 of December in the Park “Galaxy” will be held all-Ukrainian festival of school support teams for the Cup of Ukraine in cheerleading -2017 is our joint project with the Federation of cheerleading and cheersport of Ukraine, which will be attended by about 1000 students from all over Ukraine, we also plan to hold night parties, gatherings, sporting events, family weekends and other events.