Alexander Khizhnyak received its first award of the NOC of Ukraine

Александр Хижняк получил свою первую награду НОК Украины

Alexander Khizhnyak and Sergey Bubka

Alexander Khizhnyak and Serhiy Bubka exchanged Souvenirs in the Olympic house.

In Kiev at the Olympic house was awarded the best athlete and coach of Ukraine in September – deserved awards went to the world champion on Boxing, the best boxer of the world championship Alexander Khizhnyak and his father and mentor Alexander Khizhnyak.

“Ukrainian boxers have long accustomed us to victories, returning almost every Olympic games, world and European Championships with medals. It’s nice that there are young, skilled and ambitious athletes, who continue these traditions”, – said during the ceremony, the NOC President Sergey Bubka.

Александр Хижняк получил свою первую награду НОК Украины

“This year has been fantastic in the career of Alexander khizhniak. Thanks to his brilliant performances in the international arena talented boxer set a record of Ukraine by number of titles won by 330 days. In addition to gold medals at the world championship and Europe, during this period, Alexander managed to win the Ukrainian League U-22, adult Ukrainian championship, the European championship U-22,” reminded the chief Olympian of the country.

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The best coach of September, admitted he was very happy with the recognition of the NOC and clearly, concisely outlined the main purpose of their successful tandem: “the Nearest and the main prize – an Olympic medal”.

The world champion and Europe Alexander Khizhnyak also thanked the Olympic Committee for the award, giving to the head of the NOC Boxing gloves autographed.

Александр Хижняк получил свою первую награду НОК Украины

“My victory would not have been possible without the whole team and everyone who supports us, who are not indifferent to the development of Ukrainian Boxing. To Tokyo 2020 remains not so much time in front of a very difficult path, but we are ready to fight – we will continue to work,” said Alexander Khizhnyak Jr.

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