Alexander Shchetinin: Russian journalist without Russian citizenship

Александр Щетинин: Российский журналист без российского гражданства

“Given the situation in the Ukraine situation and increasing pressure on the Russian version of the Agency by the authorities of the Russian Federation not to bring their Russian partners and journalists (print them from danger — they each have their own business), I decided to resign from all my positions occupied in the RIA “New region”, — wrote in his Facebook Russian journalist Alexander Schetinin in the midst of a revolution in Kiev. In the Russian media, then this solution Schetinina has caused an unprecedented response, although predictable most of the media has treated him with skepticism. Too irritated reason.

Alexander Schetinin worked as a chief editor of “New region” for 17 years, but 5 Feb 2014 he announced his retirement. “Ukraine — not Russia, and in Russia, many of Ukraine’s problems is incomprehensible, incomprehensible the Maidan. We write about it, and we, of course, there were a lot of signals and it was a lot of displeasure, shall we say, the “top”. In order not to jeopardize the editorial Board of children, the leaders (and many of yours work since 1997), I made this decision. It is quite conscious, not impulsive,” he says later in the interview Tape.<url>.

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“I’m close took to heart the idea of the Ukrainian people’s revolution, and I’ll be with her until the end,” admitted Shchetinin, but biased itself, is not considered. That same winter he asked for political asylum in Lithuania. “First, we have the editors, and secondly, I understand that I may have problems with movement not only in Russia but also in Ukraine. This is nothing more than extra insurance and additional security,” he said.

Александр Щетинин: Российский журналист без российского гражданства

2004] he lived in Kiev, he had an apartment here at the hem. His wife is also Ukrainian. And although the journalist was seriously thinking to move to Lithuania, still remain in Ukraine.

“Ten years I lived in Ukraine, and all this time I was asked if I plan to get a Ukrainian passport. My answer was always firm: “No.” What has changed now? Because the last time I spoke a decisive “no” a couple of months ago in the midst of the events on the Maidan, which is strongly supported,” wrote Shchetinin in 2014

“For many years I am a categorical opponent of the present fascist dictatorship in Russia. Putin is my personal enemy. I always clearly separated the concept of “dictatorship”, “state”, “Russian”. I believed that the dictatorship we can win, and Russia will be free. Exactly when this will happen, especially not thought. Adhered to the principle: “Do what you must, come what may.” Until recently did not look the Russian TV. I must say that in this respect I am unique. TV, do not look for 30 years. Not looking as a consumer of information. Have not seen any of the TV series. Although almost 25 years working in various media, head of media, I love doing these media. So what happened? It’s simple: I’ve decided to watch Russian TV, or rather channel Russia-24, not as a producer of news and their consumer,” – explained to a journalist his motives.

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“The farther I was watching the news, the more convinced that there is nothing to fix. Inconsistencies, fraud, deceit, slander, inconsistencies, lies, lies, deception. This acid brains of Russian citizens were burnt over a dozen years. “The people affected by such sophisticated processing, to restore is impossible. It would take generations to cleanse the soul from the effects of radioactive telesmotrenija”, — this idea running line flashed in my head. Renouncing Russian citizenship I wrote in Facebook the evening of the same day… “am I Betraying my country?” — I reasoned. “This country is long gone, only nobody noticed it”, — such was the internal response. It is better to change citizenship, but retain beliefs. Russia and Russia will remain in my heart forever. Only now they will be in Kiev”, – said Shchetinin.

Александр Щетинин: Российский журналист без российского гражданства

In Russia it is disliked after the Ukrainian revolution. Because supported the Maidan.

“I worked a lot in the South-East of the country, I worked a lot in Crimea. The mood out there is not the same as drawing that Russian state media. There is no universal support [Ukrainian President Viktor] Yanukovych. I don’t think your position is one-sided, but I laugh that I have [developed] Stockholm syndrome: I came from Russia, visited among these people and became infected with the revolutionary contagion… I see it with my own eyes. I’m not going against the wind or current — in Kiev, practically the unanimous support of the events on the Maidan. Maybe someone does not support forms [of the confrontation]. Here I am, a supporter of the most radical forms and believe that on the Grushevsky street guys just did everything possible to start negotiations and [Prime Minister Mykola] Azarov resigned. The word “radical” I don’t see anything wrong, they defended their country,” admitted] in an interview with “the Ribbon” February 7, 2014 The interview was very entertaining, considering how the journalist tried to record Shchetinina in “Bandera”.

A year later, in 2015, Schetinin wrote a blog “Home to choose. Between Kiev and Moscow. ” without slavery,” which summed up his “year without citizenship”.

“After the final move to Kiev last year and obtain Ukrainian permanent residence I have never needed a Russian passport. Within the huge Eastern European country nobody is interested in. The official attendance sometimes ask my POSCO (residence permit, residence permit): in the hospital, when you receive a correspondence in the Bank, but only on the first visit. The only “document” that is always with me, the Bank card with a Patriotic slogan “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” (and who wants, chooses a “raspberry” on the logo),” wrote].

Александр Щетинин: Российский журналист без российского гражданства

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He is expected to receive a Ukrainian passport, or at worst, “maybe by the time the League of Nations will give a new passport Amundsen”. “I heard raised the question of their return. Too many people, like me, appears in the region without citizenship or citizenship, which can only wipe, like Russian. I, for instance, don’t want that. So decided and stated this a year ago. I will quietly live without it. And what I will continue to believe the Russian government or anyone else – does not play any role in my life. I in any case, “alien”, “Kiev Moskal is firmly stated. – “I have lived a year an immigrant, Russian, with good reputation in Kiev, and live for another 30 years, and I will not leave here and never regret it”.

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But that’s not what happened, after Alexander. In the night from 27 to 28 August in the apartment in Kiev on the street Konstantinovskaya, was found dead journalist Alexander Shchetinin. Found him on the balcony of the friends who came to congratulate him on his birthday. He was sitting on a chair with a gunshot wound to the head, and under the chair lay the gun. At survey of a scene law enforcement officers found a spent shell casing, traumatic gun shops to it and a suicide note. The door was closed. Police are investigating the case as a suicide. All the details of this tragedy remains to be investigated, in particular the note, but what motives have prompted a satisfied life of a person to commit suicide is a mystery.

Not managed to slip away traces of the blood of Pavel Sheremet in Kiev again died a wonderful person and a professional.

Sergey Zviglyanich