Alexandria and Marseille played in a draw

Александрия и Олимпик сыграли вничью

In the match of the 16th round of the championship of Ukraine Alexandria and Marseille painted a draw (1:1).

In the match between direct rivals for fourth place and possibly even third in the Ukrainian Premier League to initially determine a favorite was very difficult. On the one hand, Olympique is in great shape, having won three in a row wins and as one of the fastest playing teams in the championship, and with another Alexandria, which is traditionally strongly organized and stands in front of their fans, being able even to take points from the giants of Ukrainian football.

From the starting minutes of the match as hosts tried to dominate the players of Alexandria. Several times strikes from distance, also played out promising standards. The real chance to Excel was the Sexton closer to the end of the first half, but the striker struck from the penalty after discount from Postupalenko above the target. Olympic also created a scoring opportunity in the first half, when break into the penalty area from the left flank attack Goshkoderya fired just wide of the far corner of the goal.

When visible, a small number of dangerous moments at the stadium nick and the tension was in the air, which resulted in conflict after the whistle for the end of the first half. As a result, the referee was compelled to send to the locker room Zaporozhan from the owners and Postupalenko from the guests. More space on the football field in the second half, finally opened the way to the heads. At the start of the second half Matyazh when you try to shoot with the left edge of the penalty area in the center landed in the hand of Banade and the referee pointed to the spot. Ivan and confidently converted the spot-kick.

Missed goal significantly revived players of Alexandria, they obviously did not want to concede in a critical match. Chances were the Shendrik and Kulish, but kicks from the penalty line and the corner of the goal brilliantly coped Makharadze. Still, the Marseille goalkeeper was helpless to help, when after a cross from the right flank, the ball darted at the guest penalty area, bounced to Grichko and the one-touch struck. Game missile flew wide of the goal, but hitting the foot of the Sexton changed the trajectory in a favorable for the home side.

In the last minute of the match the team has risked much less mentally agreeing to a draw. However, the chance to snatch victory was at Alexandria in injury time. After discount the head from Basova took a dangerous shot from outside the penalty area Leonov, but the ball flew above the target. 1:1 – draw between neighbors in the standings, which is more benefited their competitors in the face of Chernomorets and Lugansk Dawn.

Alexandria – Marseille 1:1

Goals: Sexton, 78 Matyazh, 50 (penalty)

Alexandria: Novak – Old (Leonov, 46), Shendrik, BANADA, Chebotaev – Polyarus (Gritsuk, 65), Bass, Zaporozhan, Tsurikov – Yaremchuk (Kulish, 71), Sexton

Olympic: Makharadze – Olejnik, Smith, Petrov, Fedoriv – A Stroll In The Park, Doronin, Bogdanov (Illa-Ajet, 69) – Grin (Lysenko, 80), Matyazh (Vehicle, 65), Postupalenko

Warning: Zaporojan, Leonov – Olejnik, Postupalenko, Petrov

Removal: Zaporojan, 45 Postupalenko, 45

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