“Alien ship”. Scientists about the asteroid Omwamwi

"Корабль пришельцев". Ученые об астероиде Оумуамуа

The first interstellar asteroid Omwamwi in the representation of the artist

The first ever alien from galactic space could be an interstellar sailing ship, according to scientists from Harvard.

Asteroid Omwamwi, first entered the Solar system, the interstellar object may be a cosmic sailing ship, think of astrophysics from Harvard University Abraham Loeb and Shmuel Bialyi.

This hypothesis allows to understand how this object extra acceleration, which is due to the gravity of the Sun and planets or the solar wind. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Misogny guest

When Omwamwi opened October 18, 2017, evaluated it as a comet. The object’s speed is 26 kilometers per second in open hyperbolic trajectory. This suggests that Omwamwi arrived from outside the Solar system.

However, the researchers did not find the object characteristics of the cometary nature, such as a cloud of gas and reclassified in an asteroid. Observations through optical telescopes showed that Omwamwi elongated cigar-shaped, reddish in color and high density.

In June of this year, the astronomers who were measuring the trajectory Omwamwi using the Hubble space telescope, the European VLT telescope in Chile, and French-canadian CFHT telescope in Hawaii detected a faint “background” acceleration the asteroid is about 4.9 × 10-6 m/S2.

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It cannot be explained either by the gravity of the Sun and planets or the influence of the solar wind.

The calculations of scientists showed that this acceleration can create jets of gas and dust that become volatile substance on the surface of an object approaching the Sun.

This effect of “degassing” is observed in comets, but no sign of cometary activity in Omwamwi was found.


Reconnaissance ship of the aliens

Harvard scientists Abraham Loeb and Shmuel Bialyi the article sent in the Astrophysical Journal Letters writing that if Omwamwi was indeed a comet, the most visible “degassing” would be observed if the maximum is closer to the Sun.

In addition, they note that the jets of gas forced you to quickly change the parameters of the rotation body, which in fact was observed.

As noted astrophysicists, after a mysterious asteroid out of the Solar system, it has accelerated, not slowed down like it was going to happen.

Scientists came to the conclusion that Omwamwi could accelerate under the influence of solar radiation. This source of energy would, as the researchers note, the alien probe to travel the Galaxy without needing anything but sunlight as fuel.

Astrophysicists don’t deny that the asteroid has a natural origin, as it does not emit any radio signals, which can be found available human resources.

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However, Loeb and Bialyi believe that Omwamwi may be inoperative solar sail, that is part of the “ancient spaceship”. In other words, Omwamwi can be specially built by aliens artificial object, reconnaissance alien spacecraft or space debris,the document says.

The authors note that the ratio of the mass to the area from all known objects in the Solar system much higher than Omwamwi, which means that we are dealing with an entirely new class of celestial bodies or artificial object.

The asteroid is in perfect proportion, to withstand collisions with space dust and not have a redundant mass, which would prevent an intergalactic flight.

This design is similar to projects of space ships with the use of the light sails, developed by the programme Starshot and IKAROS, concluded astrophysics.

However, they called such a scenario “exotic”.


How to communicate with aliens

Meanwhile, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology in Cambridge said in the Astrophysical Journal that powerful lasers have already been built on Earth, can be used for “illumination” of the Earth and establish early contact with advanced aliens.

The calculations of scientists under the leadership of James Clark showed that a continuously operating lasers with a power of one megawatt can be noticed at a distance of about 20 thousand light years away, using telescopes with a mirror size of only one meter.

Their by you can convey and receive information. Thus, the emitter with a capacity of two megawatts and a large optical telescope, such as the construction of E-ELT will allow to send data on Proxima b, potentially habitable planet in the system alpha Centauri, at a speed in the tens of kilobits a second.

For communication with KIC 8462852 or star system TRAPPIST-1, another potentially habitable “cradle of life”, it will require a telescope with a diameter of 45-50 metres, or a laser transfer on Board the aircraft. In fact, and in another case, the data transfer speed will drop to 600 bits per second.

“Such installations would be best to not build on the Land, and on the reverse side of the moon. There, they will not be able to damage satellites, or to deprive the people, in whose eyes a beam of such laser “beacons,” concludes Clark.

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