Alien structure the star Tabby could not explain

The researchers tested several hypotheses to understand the cause of the flicker KIC 8462852.

Astronomers are unable to explain the series of blackouts and a drop of gloss yellow-white star KIC 8462852, which is attributed to the presence of megastruktur aliens. This was stated by astronomers from Caltech and the Carnegie Institute in the United States, writes Lenta.Ru.

Scientists have discovered that the brightness of the stars decreases over the four years of astrophysical observations, and the shading is uneven and rapidly.

The researchers tested several hypotheses to understand whether a series of blackouts and reducing the luminosity of KIC 8462852 to happen for natural reasons.

They examined data of photometry with Kepler space telescope, tracing the dynamics Shine, and compared it with the other stars of the same type located nearby.

Astrophysicists have found that no other object did not show similar changes in brightness. Despite the fact that the phenomenon could be caused by the presence of clouds or a group of comets around the star, its duration and some other features do not correspond to what is usually observed in stars.

Scientists emphasize that none of the proposed experts hypotheses about the natural causes of the phenomenon are not able to fully explain it.

According to astronomers, further studies are needed to confirm their findings, but also require new data and test other possible hypotheses.

Earlier, Australian scientists said that the potential for the aliens make themselves known to earthlings as likely not to possess a mind.

Physicists have found gravitational waves Einstein

KIC 8462852 (star Tabby) became the known changes of the luminosity in 2015. The brightness of the stars fell to 22 per cent for different periods of time. Some scientists have suggested that the reason for this can be a giant astroengineering structure built by extraterrestrial civilization, such as Dyson sphere.

However, other experts believed that the anomaly was due to such bodies as asteroids and comets, or dust cloud.