AliExpress is changing the rules of the delivery: How to save on shop manual

Since February 7, the popular Chinese online retailer AliExpress has changed with your logistical conditions. In Ukraine will completely stop to send packages unregistered, even if the order amount does not exceed $ 2. In the announcement of the online store noted that such innovation can lead to higher prices for delivery of goods. They explain that such changes in policy delivery decided to make due to the large number of parcels that have not reached to the addressee. At the same time, wine does not always lies with the logistics company. Often the buyers receive the parcel, but then start a dispute to get compensation, thus tricking retailers.

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So, new rules are already in place, not all users are happy with them, as you can read in many forums buyers. And is it all bad really? We tried to understand. And in addition – a detailed guide on how to easily place an order from China and what to pay attention to save.

What has changed

Buying from China will become more reliable. From now on all AliExpress orders will receive a tracking number to track. Previously this option was available when you pay shipping.

Manual online shop is convinced: the goods will no longer be lost on the way to the customer. Now many such cases. Partly due to the problematic post offices. Partly due to unscrupulous buyers who, even after taking the product, convinced that he has not received. And then demand compensation.

And this does not mean that free delivery will not. For most products this option is still active. Just the cost of shipping with tracking take sellers. Fans of the site already sounded the alarm, saying that it will lead to higher prices. However, while the cost of goods with free shipping for Ukraine remains unchanged for other countries.

How it works

AliExpress is not one on-line store and different retailers and sellers. On the website – a few thousand. And because of this, and the competition between them is big. In pursuit of the customer they reduce the price to “below do not happen” (trying to earn a little bit more sales). And because prices on the website more than profitable. Besides, you order directly, and this bypasses not only the logistics cost and margin of intermediaries. That is why the price of most products on AliExpress lower than in the domestic market.

Order from China

Going on you most likely will immediately be redirected to the Russian version of the site. However, you can choose the option to stay on in English.

For convenience, you can even choose the Ukrainian language. And it is necessary to warn that the translation may not be very good, as is done with the help of Google translator.

Also, make sure that you have correctly selected the delivery country and the currency of your card (if it is debt, it is better to choose UAH. So don’t have to pay the Bank Commission for double converting).

If you are on the site for the first time, you will have to register. The website offers two options: full registration with zero-or sign in with your account one of social networks. However, then have to grant access to your profile.

Choose a convenient way for you, fill out the required fields, confirm registration via e-mail and… voila! You can start online shopping.

This can be done in different ways: browse the product catalog in search of something interesting, to see the special lots or enter the name of your desired subject in the search engine.

To filter your search results, if you need more than one product (on the website many sellers wholesalers), you are only interested in sellers with a certain rating (the more stars, the higher the confidence level), only free shipping, there are certain limitations on price.

Let’s say you’re a fan of evening tea parties and want to order Chinese tea. Why not watch the first promotional items? Found the right option? Compare with other offers on it. After all, different sellers can sell it at different prices. To do this, type in search field the name of the selected tea.

Made a choice? Now look at the details. Please note the price in your currency and the maximum amount of goods that you can purchase (if you need more than one unit). It is also useful to check that the seller had a high rating and a good number of sales on the website. Also worth a look at the customer reviews on their page right below the product itself.

Finally, either add the item to your cart and continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

Fill in your delivery address and payment method. By the way, on AliExpress you can pay not only cards, Mastecard, Maestro or Visa, but also through the Qiwi and Web.Money.

Check whether the chosen method and cost of delivery. Please note – tracking is now available for free delivery.

And used system of your active coupons (read on).

Wait for the screen confirmation of your payment. And maybe bonus from AliExpress.

How to buy even cheaper

Despite the fact that the prices on AliExpress are enough profitable, you can always still save a little. Here are some ways how to do it.

Wholesale purchases

Sellers often offer lower prices when buying more than two items.

Special coupons

To save on the purchase can also use the special coupons. Them to you can offer the seller – please note them in the product description. To save your coupon, just click on it. But remember: the offer is valid only on items from this seller.

View all the coupons you can go to the appropriate section of his office.

Usually, to get the discount, it is necessary that the amount of the order from a specific buyer was higher than specified on the coupon (fine print) limit. Only then the coupons will be active.

Also coupons discounts on all or selected items you can get by subscribing to email newsletter AliExpress.

And yet - look for them on the Internet. Just type in the search engine matches the query

Of course, it is not so easy. You need to look for coupons that are suitable for your product (or coupons in wide range of activities for all kind of goods), and to check their relevance (many of the online coupons can be invalid). But if you’re lucky, you can save up to 10%.

Watch out for discounts

If the product does not need you urgently, or are you just planning to buy it in the future, add it to the wish list. And set up alerts about when it will be discount.

Down the price

Another way to save money is to haggle. Yes, that’s right. Chinese retailers are traded. Worth a try if you buy expensive, a lot or regularly. Just contact the retailer and try to negotiate in person.

To write, of course, will be in English.

Return funds

You can also use the services of cashback. Then a certain percentage of payment on AliExpress you back.

To do this, click the Internet one of the cashback services, which has partnered with AliExpress. Choose the best for you, register (or log in via profile in social networks) and continue shopping. The main thing not to forget: the money you have been refunded is not necessary to go immediately on AliExpress, and via a cashback website.

Further – as usual. Go to shopping cart and complete the purchase. Check fixed whether its for cashback (in the personal account of the selected service). If everything is in order in a few days you will return the promised interest rate that you can transfer to your card.

Use gadgets

For the convenience to make and track orders on AliExpress through the phone using special application. Besides, for smartphone users, the service typically offers additional bonuses.

* * *

When the order is issued, you should have patience and wait for the goods. With free delivery it may take about a month, when paid faster.

Good shopping!

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