Aliyev: No fights Maximov was not

Алиев: Никаких драк с Максимовым не было

Midfielder Oleksandr Aliyev spoke about the reasons for parting with the Kazakh Taraz.

Former midfielder Dynamo, Dnipro and Ukraine national team explained why the fall left the championship of Kazakhstan.

“From Taraz left in the first place, because it is not played. Second, left for family reasons. There is only one month before the end of the season… I had no conflicts, fights… I just wrote a letter and came to Ukraine.

Why Maximov was not happy with me? Every coach has some claim to the player. I had injuries, I’m not constantly playing…No violations of the regime were not. After the games, we could sit command. Where else is there to go? Taraz is not a city to go somewhere”, – Aliyev said.

Alexander also said that in Kazakhstan he paid everything that had to pay.

“I left, we shook hands with management. I just gave it all away. I know now that the guys seems to be some problem, wages not paid… I was not like this. In English for me we talked and just two or three days of paid me”.

Recall that earlier it was reported that Aliyev was beaten by her ex-husband of his girlfriend, which he left after breaking up with his wife.

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