All against NABOO. The suppression of corruption fighters

Все против НАБУ. Усмирение борцов с коррупцией

In Ukraine anti-corruption bodies are not struggling with corruption, and with each other.

As it usually happens in Ukraine over the major corruption cases should be dirt on those who these things stirred up.

So for a new investigation of NABOO was followed by charges against the leadership of the Department.

Moreover, if earlier we used to fight between the attorney General and the NAB, it is now against the Bureau acts and other anti-corruption body – the National Agency for prevention of corruption (NAPC). has gathered information on the clashes among fighters of corruption.

NAPC alarmed

For the NACP is long-established status as the most useless and respectively controlled by the authorities of the anticorruption body. The scandals haunting organ throughout its short history of existence.

First, anpc could not start the service electronic declarations, then there was a showdown within the Agency. The main thing – really to check the Declaration, the authority also failed. From the amount declared by Ukrainian officials, was in shock the whole country, but NAPC major violations in the declarations and not noticed.

But in the work of the NEB, the Agency found flaws. So immediately after the promulgation of the case against the son of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov for the purchase of backpacks for the interior Ministry, it was reported that NAPC is trying to attract a Director of NABU Artem Sytnik administrative responsibility.

The Agency issued an instruction to the Director of NABU on the identified conflict of interest in the detective Bureau Igor Semak. This employee is part of the investigation team to investigate the case against the chief sponsor of the party “people’s front” Mykola Martynenko. However, he did not notify their superiors of what had previously worked as an assistant-consultant of the opponent Martynenko, the Parliament of Victoria Voytsitskoy.

In NAPC insist on that Semak is necessary to suspend Martynenko. For failure to fulfill their requirements Sytnik face administrative responsibility.

NAPC also saw the violation on the part of the disturbance that one of the court cases he is instructed to represent their interests to the head of the legal Department of the NAB Igor Archaka. The national Agency believe that the claim is physical, and not the official Sytnyk. And therefore the instruction about representation in the case Archcom is the act of corruption. NABU insists on the fact that swiftly appears a judicial officer Director of the NAB and not the individual – Artem Sytnik.

Compared with the cases which are investigated by the NEB, all claims on the part of NACP seem small, but they can lead to serious problems, for example, the change of leadership of the Bureau.

Response NABOO

Director of the NABU Artem Sytnik thinks that everything that is happening around the Bureau is the government pressure on fighters.

“We have to be very naive not to understand that the things that we’re investigating today, power is not so easy to leave. From Martynenko, Nasirov,”backpacks” and other. We expected such a reaction. Was expecting to be a media attack using all the controlled resources, such as NAPC. I do not exclude that there will be further use of administrative resources, such as suspicion and arrests,” – said Sytnik.

According to him, he is ready to arrest and ready “to live in opposition”.

The case against NAPC

In turn, the NEB has claims against NAPC and they relate to corruption in the body that is the very corruption resist.

The head of the NAPC Natalia Korchak suspected use of car Parking spaces not specified in the Declaration. For this reason the detectives NAB even came to see mother-in-law Korczak, and that they were closed in the apartment.

However, yesterday, against the leadership of NAPC appeared much more serious charges.

The former head of the financial control Department of the National Agency for prevention of corruption Anna Solomatina has accused the head of NACP Natalia Korchak in the fraud audits of electronic declarations.

“Actually, the e-Declaration is used to cover the officials, loyal to the government, the massacre of undesirables and for personal enrichment of NAPC Chairman and members of the Agency. The results of the audits are falsified as it is necessary for the leadership of NAPC,” said Solomatin.

She handed over the documents about corruption in NAPC NABOO, the Bureau launched an investigation.

According Solomatina, NAPC is not an independent body, its full control of power.

“Me personally, with two colleagues in September was summoned to the presidential Administration, the so – called curator at the NAPC – and suggested that all checks, drafts decisions which will be submitted to the meeting of the NAPC in the first place was considered in the presidential Administration, and then at the meetings of the NAPC,” said Solomatin.

According to her, the head and members of the NAPC are engaged in the falsification of the results of special and full scans.

“I personally received from the head of the NACP illegal instructions relative to full inspections of people’s deputies to give the results they were “honest” and “truthful” in quotes to avoid violations. I refused it”, – said Solomatin.

What’s next?

The National Agency for the prevention of corruption promised to send to court the statement of claim, demanding a refutation of the information about the possible falsification of auditing declarations.

“The briefing of the ex-head of the Department of financial control and monitoring of the lifestyle, held today with the participation of deputies of Ukraine is spreading false information, negative messages to discredit the work of the National Agency for prevention of corruption”, – stated in the message of the NAPC.

The Department believes that dissemination of this information is a personal attack on the head and the staff of the National Agency “attempt to discredit, successfully launched anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine”.

In NACP I hope for an objective and impartial investigation from the NABOO.

In turn, the presidential Administration declare that they have no persons involved in falsification verification of electronic declarations.

“In presidential Administration there are no instruments of influence on National Agency on corruption prevention” – say there.

The press service noted that the Declaration of Anna Solomatina, obviously, should be considered in the plane of its working and personal relationships with the management of the NAPC.

But according to the newspaper Insider, employees of NACP coordinated conclusions on the monitoring of e-returns with the assistant to the President Aleksey Gorshenkova, who is now running for the position of head of the state Bureau of investigation.

It remains obvious that in recent months, the NAB had to publish high-profile investigations against all groups of influence in Ukrainian politics. The case of the abuses in the procurement of fuel in the defense Ministry – has for the President. The case against the son Avakov, as well as searches of the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, the case against the leadership of the Ministry of justice – “popular front”.

“It seems that SAP, NAPC and people’s front have agreed on their actions to remove the disturbance as soon as possible. We see how quickly implements a plan for taming the NAB,” says the Executive Director of the Center for anti-corruption Daria kalenyuk.