All employees of the RRG will be to pass a polygraph prior to employment

Все сотрудники ГБР будут проходить полиграф перед трудоустройством

The novel Pipe spoke about the procedure for the selection of UIR officers

The state Bureau of investigations is the only Agency where the staff before entering the service and at least once a year, undergo a polygraph test.

The Director of the State Bureau of investigation, the novel Tube stated that all potential employees of the Department will pass the test with lie detector application. On Tuesday, July 3, the press service of the Ministry.

Pipe said that the Cabinet of Ministers has amended the “Order of carrying out of psychophysiological researches with the use of the polygraph in the State Bureau of investigation,” which shifted the phase of a polygraph after the interview.

According to him, this is a very logical decision.

“It is wrong to force a person to undergo a polygraph, if it is unknown whether he will be an employee of the RRG. These “potential” workers – several thousands”, – said the Director of the Bureau.

However, he noted that after the interview, interviewing candidates can be more specific.

At the same time, the Trumpet has explained that the competition for the 219 posts of the Central office of the Bureau will be held under the old order, that is, all applicants must pass a polygraph.

He also drew attention that the State Bureau of investigation is the only authority that where to entry into service and at least once a year, employees undergo a polygraph.

“There is no such requirement in any state Agency, including the new anti-corruption bodies”, – said Pipe.

Earlier it was reported that the RRG will begin the first investigation in September. Its competence will include the investigation of crimes committed by top officials, judges, employees of law enforcement agencies.

We will remind, the Commission on election of the leadership of the State Bureau of investigation was elected Director of an Agency of the Novel Pipe.


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