All-Ukrainian Congress of the movement Yarosh is scheduled for September

Всеукраинский съезд движения Яроша запланирован на сентябрь

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Dmitry Yarosh announced in September this year all-Ukrainian Congress headed by the social-political movement “DIYA” (“Derzhavniki Yarosh Initsiativa”). He said this at a press conference in Kharkov, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“June 11 will be held the first (organizational – ed.) conference in the river, the second will be held in August in Lviv, and in September we will hold in Kiev Congress”, – said Yarosh.

According to him, is now working on a program of movement and the search for potential partners. As reported Yarosh, their support for “DIYA” said the Union of officers of Ukraine, headed by Alexander Skipalsky, the movement for the average people, etc.

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The Deputy noted that “DIYA” aims to unite all state forces to preserve the independence of Ukraine and the realization of the ideals of the Maidan. He also did not rule out the creation on the basis of the movement of unification of the party project.

Earlier, Yarosh for a long time headed the movement “Right sector” (PS). 11, 2015, he announced the resignation of the leader of the SS, and on December 28 announced its withdrawal from the organization and the creation of a new movement. According to Yarosh, “Right sector” as a revolutionary structure fulfilled its mission.

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