Allegri: All trophies Juventus – only dress rehearsal before the Champions League final

Аллегри: Все трофеи Ювентуса – лишь репетиция перед финалом Лиги чемпионов

Massimiliano Allegri

Head coach of Juventus Massimiliano Allegri commented on the upcoming Champions League final against real Madrid.

“In the final we will play calmly and serenely. We worked a year for this. It will not be easy because real Madrid is the defending winner, but we know what they have learned during the year and try to show a little bit more than Madrid.

We spent a year working up a sweat. All the trophies we have won, all wins we have achieved is only a rehearsal before tomorrow’s final. We need to win. We can do it, we can do it. But you need to remain calm and confident that we can win this trophy.

In 2015, we deservedly reached the final, however, perhaps was not as confident and motivated after a few lackluster draws in the Champions League. In the final we got by chance, but the victory was not expected. This time is different. Last season we looked very good, but at the last minute gave Bayern. We are progressing gradually. Now everything is completely different,” Allegri was quoted by UEFA’s official website.

Recall that the final match of the Champions League between Juventus and real Madrid will be held June 3 at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff (Wales). The opening whistle at 21:45 Kyiv time.

Note that our website will be available a text online broadcast of the match.

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