Almost 30 thousand Ukrainians were paid less than the minimum

Почти 30 тысяч украинцев получали зарплату меньше минимальной

Nearly 30 thousands of Ukrainians did not pay the salary

The most common reason for low wages was the establishment of part-time.

In the past year, the Public service labour revealed 29.4 thousand of employees for whom wages were paid in the amount smaller than the minimum. On Tuesday, February 19, the press service of the Ministry.

So, according to the report, 11 708 people have not received the minimum wage due to the establishment of part-time, 7 455 in connection with the provision of annual leave, 5 410, in connection with the granting of leave without pay, 4 137 – due to a temporary incapacity, 678 from the non-fulfillment of norms (piecework wage).

There were tested 6 625 employers, 281 of them the results of verification of paid employees and 3.4 million as indexation of money incomes of the population.

Recall from 1 January 2019 the minimum wage in Ukraine is growing up to 450 UAH (about 12%) to UAH 4173. And at the end of 2018, the minimum wage in Ukraine was UAH 3723.

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