Almost 80% of anthracite in Ukraine supply from Russia – Gosvneshinform

Почти 80% антрацита в Украину поставляют из РФ - Госвнешинформ

80% of coal supplies to Ukraine have on Russia

In the past year, the imports of anthracite to Ukraine increased more than three times compared to the previous year. The lion’s share of imports is made up of supplies from Russia.

During the 2017 to Ukraine from the Russian Federation were imported to 2.66 million tons of anthracite, accounting for 78.6% of total imports.On Wednesday, April 11, reported the press service of the GP Gosvneshinform.

The import of anthracite in Ukraine in 2017 amounted to 3.38 tons, more than three times higher than that in 2016 (933,4 tons).

In 2017 99.6% of all anthracite coal imported into Ukraine as “indirect” contracts (in 2016 this figure was 99.8%).

“In 2017 78.6% of imported anthracite (2,66 million tons) came from the Russian Federation, with a 99.5% through intermediaries. Averaged settlement price of anthracite, which was imported to Ukraine from Russia by “indirect” contracts in 2017 amounted to 99.3 per dollar per ton, and directly from Russia brought only 12,1 thousand tons srednerosloe price 165,7 dollars per ton”, – stated in the message.

In Gosvneshinform also noted that the import of anthracite from Russia in 2017, going through countries such as Switzerland and the UK.

From South Africa to Ukraine in 2017 714,1 imported thousands of tons of anthracite (21.2% of total imports) in srednerosloe price 92.1 dollars per ton (the import was carried out through Switzerland).

Average settlement prices in the import of anthracite in Ukraine in 2017, according to “direct” contracts amounted to about $ 165 per tonne (us $ 170 per tonne in 2016) and “indirect” – $ 98 per ton ($73 / ton in 2016).

The Delta between “direct” and “indirect” import contracts amounted to $ 67 per ton in 2017 and $ 97 per tonne in 2016. In the enterprise suggest that this difference is due to qualitative characteristics of the coal or other factors.

As previously reported, Russia remains the largest supplier of coal in Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that in January-February of the current year Ukrainian enterprises reduced coal production by 27.6%. As a result, for two months it was produced is 5.33 million tons of coal.


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