Almost half of Ukrainians want to work abroad – survey

Почти половина украинцев хотят работать за границей - опрос

Many Ukrainians want to work abroad

The majority of Ukrainians want to work in Germany, Poland, USA and Canada.

Outside the country would like to work 44% of Ukrainians. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the sociological group Rating.

As noted, 37% of Ukrainians among those who would like to work abroad would prefer to find a job in Germany, 26% in Poland, 22% in U.S. and 21% in Canada.

Italy would like to work 15% of respondents in the UK – 14%, France or Sweden – 12%, in Israel – 11%, Spain 9%, Netherlands 7%, Russia – 6%. In other countries, would like to work less than 5% of respondents.

The percentage wishing to work in the country practically does not depend on the region. In particular, among those wishing to work in Germany, 43% in the West of Ukraine, 34% in the centre and 37 in the South and 30% in the East. In Poland most want to work in the centre (29%) and Eastern Ukraine (27%), in the West of the country – 25%. Similar practical equal representation for all regions and for Canada. In the United States no longer want to work in the West and center of Ukraine, in Russia – to the East of the country.

The survey was conducted by Rating group from 8 to 18 September 2017 by order of the Ukrainian Association of international companies for employment. The survey covered 1,200 respondents. Error error not more than 2.8%.

As reported, Ukrainians continue to travel abroad in search of work. To do this, they often choose Poland, Israel, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Canada and the Czech Republic.