Almost spring: what weather to expect Ukrainians on Christmas

Почти весна: какую погоду ждать украинцам на Рождество

Weather for Christmas and a holiday weekend will appreciate the thermophilic: throughout Ukraine to 8 heat, in the West, rain with sleet.

For the Christmas holidays from 6 to 8 January 2018 strong frosts in Ukraine is not expected, reported in the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological center. Forecaster Natalia Didenko notes that in most regions will remain zero temperature. Light frosts are expected only in the Central regions.

At the same time on Holy night January 6, possible snow with rain in the Western regions and in Chernihiv and Sumy regions. For the rest of the country – no precipitation.

Weather on January 6

“6 January 2018 in Ukraine, the average night temperature will be from -2 to +3, and in the afternoon the thermometer column will rise from 0 to 5 degrees”, – predicts the head of Department of meteorological forecasts of hydrometeorological center Vladislav Bilyk.

In the South of the country on 6 January 2018, it is expected from +8 to +11 degrees (in the Crimea), and in the night from zero to plus five Celsius. In the Western part of the country and in Odessa, will be to +9, in Kherson and Nikolaev to +8 on the North and East the temperature will rise only to +4.

As noted by Vladislav Bilyk, day in Kyiv on 6 January 2018, it will rain, and the air warms up to 5-7 heat. Night temperature is around zero.

Почти весна: какую погоду ждать украинцам на РождествоWeather 6.01.2018 in Ukraine (photo:


Weather forecast for January 7

“Christmas in Ukraine will also have the frost-free season, the average daily temperature from +3 to +8 degrees, and night until 5 plus. In Kiev on 7 January 2018 will be overcast, night rain is expected. The day temperature +5 +7, and night in the area 2-3 degrees above zero”, – said Vladislav Bilyk.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, 7 January 2018 in the West and the North to +7, and in the South of Ukraine (Crimea and Odessa region) is expected to +8.

Почти весна: какую погоду ждать украинцам на РождествоWeather 7.01.2018 in Ukraine (photo:


Weather forecast for January 8

Monday, January 8, in Ukraine a little colder. In Hydrometeorological centre predict up to -1 and -3 on the North of the country. And only in the southern regions will be much warmer, about +5.

Long-term forecasts Ukrainian forecasts are as follows: average temperature of the first winter month will not exceed 3 degrees Celsius.

Почти весна: какую погоду ждать украинцам на Рождество

Weather 8.01.2018 in Ukraine (photo:

In most regions of Ukraine on January 5 will be the fog


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