Along with Babchenko could have killed 47 people.

Наряду с Бабченко могли убить 47 человек - Луценко

Lutsenko claims that along with Babchenko in Ukraine planned to kill almost fifty people

The attorney General said that such an imitation of the murder was used more than 30 times over the past two and a half years.

The list of potential victims along with a journalist Arkady Babchenko are 47 people. About this in Facebook wrote to the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on Friday, June 1.

“As a result of a combination of operational result was a list of 47(!) individuals who could become the next victims of the terrorists. Primarily, it is a famous Ukrainian and ex – Russian journalists. Today, they are aware of the hazard and provides their protection,” wrote Lutsenko.

Also, according to him, the organizer of “murder” Babchenko offered by to kill two more people.

“After ordering the murder of Babchenko organizer, offered by TS ( which worked in cooperation with the SBU) to kill 2 more people. However, he said that there is a whole list of more than 30 people, who want to destroy the Russian special services,” – says the attorney General.

In addition, he argues that the detention of the organizer to the “murder” of the journalist defused the threat to all potential victims, but an imitation of the murder were given the opportunity to obtain additional information about the list and about the customer.

According to him, this simulation is provided by article 271 of the criminal procedure code and were used more than 30 times over the past two and a half years.

“The investigation has received evidence of ties with the Russian intelligence services, about which we will inform later”, – he concluded.

We will remind, on Friday, the heads of SBU and GPU met with ambassadors of the G7 and gave them explanations about resonance operation.


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