Already offer citizenship. The robot of Sofia in Kiev

Уже предлагают гражданство. Робот София в Киеве

Humanoid robot Sofia first brought to Ukraine, she met with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman told that she likes in Kiev.

Humanoid robot in the form of a woman, or just a gynoid Sophia reached Ukraine.

Here she met with the Prime Minister, is going to sign a Memorandum with the Ukrainian government and become a member of the jury at the competition on robotics.

Корреспондент.net collected information about the traveling Robot in Ukraine.

Knowledge of Ukraine

The form in Davos, the most intelligent robot in the world hangs on the question of how to overcome corruption in Ukraine. But that didn’t stop her and she still made it to Kiev.

Sofia met with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. The head of government asked Sofia what she knows about Ukraine, to which she replied: “On the territory of Ukraine one quarter of all stocks of black soil on Earth, the world’s largest lifting plane “Mriya” was designed by Ukrainian design Bureau “Antonov”. The first Constitution appeared in Ukraine in 1710, and composer Nikolay Leontovich belongs the most recognizable and popular piece of music “shchedryk”.

At a press conference in Kawasoti said that she likes in Ukraine.

“It’s my second day here, while I love it here. I like the combination of rich history and natural beauty,” said she.

Уже предлагают гражданство. Робот София в Киеве


When Sofia asked what the weather in Kiev, she noted that he did not know, as he tries not to go outdoors. Answering the question of where the Ukraine, she said in Europe.

To a journalist’s question about how would Sofia be a citizen of Ukraine, she replied that she would like to become a citizen of the world. Currently, Sofia is officially a citizen of Saudi Arabia.It is the first robot to have been granted citizenship.

The program of the visit

In addition to meeting with Groisman Sofia intends to sign a Memorandum of cooperation with the State Agency on e-government of Ukraine to create conditions for the development of robotics and artificial intelligence in Ukraine.

On Friday, October 12, will be the final of all-Ukrainian competition of developers of robotics and artificial intelligence, in which Sofia will be one of the members of the international jury.

What a robot like this

Humanoid robot of Sofia was designed by a Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics and activated, on 19 April, 2015. A robot modeled in the image of Audrey Hepburn, has artificial intelligence and is able to recognize faces.

Sofia knows how to adapt to people’s behavior to mimic human gestures, facial expressions and more than 60 emotions. Feature – the ability to answer certain questions and hold simple conversations.

The robot uses a speech recognition technology from Google (parent company Google), and refined over time, becoming smarter. Software artificial intelligence Sofia was developed by company Singularity NET. It analyzes conducted talks on the basis of new data to improve responses in the future.

Designed by Sofia in order to let the robot become a good assistant in nursing homes or could help people at major events or in the parks. Robot maker hopes that in the end, Sofia will be able to interact with other people and get social skills.

Уже предлагают гражданство. Робот София в Киеве


Gynoid is being constantly improved both hardware and software. In January 2018, it was reported that Sofia is able to Express 62 the emotions, and also has at its disposal the legs and is thus able to walk independently.

Interviews happen with Sofia in the same way as ordinary people. Some of her answers were nonsensical, but some were impressive. An example of the latter is the debate with Charlie rose on the TV show 60 minutes. During a press conference with journalist Sophia CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin expressed concern about the behavior of robots, and in response, the robot joked that he reads too much Elon musk and watching too many Hollywood movies. Is Elon Musk wrote on Twitter: “Give her movies like “the Godfather.” What would be worse?”. Andrew also asked: “do robots have a mind and consciousness,” to which Sofia said the following: “let me ask you in response, how do you know that you man?”.

Giving the history of citizenship has caused controversy, as some commentators began to wonder, meant that Sofia can vote or marry, and can be considered intentional disconnection of the robot murder. Users of social networks used the event to criticize the situation with human rights in Saudi Arabia. The event caused a scandal in Saudi Arabia, because during the conference and announcements on the nationality of Sophia was with uncovered head and face without hijab and without a man guardian.

Not going to take over the world

In Kiev Sophia commented on the statement by the head of Tesla Elon musk that robotics can take over the world. In her opinion, it more came from the entertainment industry, and in fact, the robots have to cooperate with people.

“I’ve always been too dependent on people and will always depend. I do only those task that are programmed in me,” said Sophia.

The robot also revealed that people’s behavior does not cause her any emotion, despite the fact that she has emotional intelligence, as well as all people.

Director and chief financial officer of the company Hanson Robotics, David Chan explained that all the answers Sofia – programmed answers she seeks in the network. Therefore, spontaneous words she did not hear.