Amazing Africa: football in the championship Rwanda conjured a goal

Удивительная Африка: футболист в чемпионате Руанды наколдовал гол

The same ritual performed by Camara

Amazing event occurred in the championship of Rwanda.

What happened in the championship of Rwanda football match between Mukura Sport and Ryan sports, perhaps, can only be seen on the continent. At the end of the first half, the visitors (Ryan sports) inferior to their rivals – 0:1.

Striker losing hand before the break took a strange decision, running to the front gates of the enemy, he put something around it (directly to the gate) and the bullet was to escape from the players from the opponent who were outraged by such actions, and literally wanted to kick kicks Moussa Camara.

This reaction was justified because superstitious the players were confident that the striker decided to speak to the gate in order to score a goal. The interesting thing is that the concerns of the players of Mucury justified, at the beginning of the second half, the same Camara equalized the match, threw a shock, at least those who are not accustomed to the realities of African football.

After this incident, the football Federation of Rwanda has imposed a ban on witchcraft during matches. If it is violated, for it will be imposed a monetary fine ($120) and a technical defeat.

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