Amazon founder became the richest businessman in the world

Основатель Amazon стал богатейшим бизнесменом мира

Jeff Bezos has overtaken bill gates in the Forbes ranking.

The founder of the largest online retailer Amazon Jeff Bezos ahead of Microsoft co-founder bill gates and became the richest businessman in the world by Forbes.

According to Forbes counter in real time, as Bezos is 90.6 billion dollrov, and gates – 90,1 billion dollars.

Bezos overtaken gates due to the growth of Amazon’s stock, on July 27 at the opening of trading on the Nasdaq Thursday paper online retailer rose 1.8 percent.

It is noteworthy that in March in the global ranking of billionaires Forbes, Bezos was located only on the third place with 73 billion dollars.

The main asset for Bezos is to share in the online retailer Amazon (who owns 16.7 per cent of the company).

The capitalization of the company in recent months steadily increased from the beginning of year it increased by 146 billion dollars.

On 26 July, Amazon was worth more than $ 500 billion. He is among the five most expensive companies in the world.

On April 29 of last year, Bezos earned six billion dollars in three hours. His condition has increased due to the growth of the company’s shares amid record quarterly reporting.