Amazon has patented a multi-level Parking for drones

Amazon запатентовала многоуровневые парковки для дронов

Intended to build a multi-storey malls drones vertically.

Company, Inc patented multi-level Parking-the hives for drones for use in densely populated cities, reports The Verge.

“In the published Amazon patent application described the invention as a multi-level centers acquisition of unmanned aerial vehicles, which can help to keep the drones where they are needed. The statement noted that due to the large size of current warehouses are located “on the outskirts of cities where there is a place for this”, – stated in the message.

According to the publication, to drones capable of delivering to the people in need through the air, was always “at hand”, meant to build a multi-storey malls drones vertically rather than horizontally, allowing them to be placed in downtown areas or other densely populated areas.

It is noted that it would also allow drones to take off and go to posilku without dangerous proximity to pedestrians on the street.

Offer Amazon includes sketches of several buildings of various shapes and view from the inside showing how employees will interact with the drones.

In the same batch of patent applications, Amazon suggested several solutions to the delivery of the drones was not too noisy for residents. Thus, the company offers special designs of rotors. As well as the drones with additional rotors in case of failure of the main.

Earlier, heads of the Google project, called Project Wing, dedicated to technology development for commercial drones, announced a successful trial of a tracking system for air traffic drones.