Amazon shares exceeded the historical maximum

Акции Amazon превысили исторический максимум

Us online giant Amazon on Monday trading was estimated at $938 billion, the company’s Shares reached a record $1 925 apiece.

In trading on Monday, August 13, the U.S. Internet giant Amazon was estimated at $938 billion, the company’s Shares exceeded the historical maximum and reached $1 925 per share, RBC.

Noted that from the beginning of the year shares increased by 64,3%, and last year at 95.5%.

Analysts attribute the rise in price Amazon with fast development of the advertising on the website of the online store. Long time Amazon did not develop this segment. Instead, the company of Jeff Bezos bought contextual advertising on Google.

It is noted that since last year, Amazon has stepped up the sale of advertising on its sites. Now suppliers can pay the online store for pre-emptive right of the display.

Analysts believe this direction is promising, since on the page of the online store, an advertiser can show ads to the person located to purchase. Many customers believe Amazon is a profitable investment thanks to an accurate access to the target audience.

Earlier, Amazon increased its profit by 13 times.

Before that, it was reported that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became the richest man in history. The net value of his fortune reached $150 billion.

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