Ambassador of Ukraine: the Victory of Kurtz − the good news for Ukraine

Посол Украины: Победа Курца − хорошая новость для Украины

Alexander Shcherba considers that the current Austrian foreign Minister knows the problems of our country.

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Austria Alexander szczerba said that a clear election victory in Austria, the 31-year-old foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz is good news for Ukraine, reports

“The arrival of Sebastian Kurz to the post of Chancellor is good news for Ukraine. He knows our issues, repeatedly visited Ukraine, including the line of demarcation,” said Scherba.

He also said that the important question is with whom Kurtz will make a coalition. According to him, the coalition negotiations will last long.

“Personally, I a radical change in the foreign policy of Austria would not expect. But for final conclusions it is necessary to look at the formation of the government and its first steps,” the diplomat said.

Earlier it was reported that according to preliminary data, the Austrian people’s party, which is headed by Kurz, is leading in the elections with 31.4 percent of the vote.