Ambassador: Poland Kiev imposes its vision of history

Посол: Польша навязывает Киеву свое видение истории

Ukrainians have to develop their position and their assessment of the past, said dedica.

Poland is trying to impose on Ukraine its vision of sensitive historical events, given the absence of Ukraine’s own assessment of the past. This was stated by Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland Andrey dedica in an interview with European truth.

“We for ourselves, not for Poland, the need to better know their history, objectively assessing the position of those or other military forces involved in the Second world war,” he said.

While deshchitsa noted that the Polish society is much better than Ukrainian-informed in matters of history that affects on politics.

“Therefore, we primarily need to develop their position and their rating. To avoid vacuum in the evaluation of their own past,” he said.

The Ambassador stressed that if there is a vacuum, there will always be attempts of someone else to fill it. “From the Soviet Union, or Russia, or Poland, who are trying to impose on us their point of view. The sooner we come to the rating, the stronger our position,” – said deshchitsa.

Earlier, the Deputy foreign Minister of Poland Bartosz Tsihotsky said that the accusations against the Polish authorities in an attempt to block the European integration of Ukraine are part of a hybrid war.