Amber from Chernobyl. As the area is mined sun stone

Янтарь из Чернобыля. Как в зоне добывают солнечный камень

In the Chernobyl zone conducted illegal production of amber, although officially no one was detained

The reporter learned that, in the exclusion zone can get a sun stone.

For the first time that in Chernobyl forests can produce the amber, we have heard on amber mines. Local miners say they have not once been to work in the exclusion zone, write, and Marina Savchenko Vladislav Lazarev in No. 16 of the journal of April 22, 2016.

“We have one shift in 12 hours the owner of the motor-pump pays from 300 to 1.500 thousand UAH, -told they. – In the radioactive forests and higher salaries. 3 thousand and it is possible to obtain if the stone is good. Give an allowance for risk. And this despite the fact that one motor pump operated by teams of from seven to eight people”.

Recall that the buyers of amber pay for 1 kg of solar stone, weighing up to 2 grams $ 50; from 2 grams to 5 grams – $ 600; from 5 g to 10 g – $ 1.600. And from 50 g to 100 g – $ 7.000. They export it for sale in China, Saudi Arabia and India, where the price of the stone is doubled. According to rumors, protect buyers, some employees of the SBU. They are also allegedly behind the illegal mining of stone in the Chernobyl zone. There it can be extracted safely without prying eyes.

Indirectly the words of the miners is confirmed by maps of georazvedka. According to these documents, from Volhynia to Kiev on the same latitude some 50 km from the Ukrainian-Belarusian border were seen deposits of amber. To buy such a map is easy. According to the journalist of the information portal of Olevsk Alexander Nikolaychuk, they cost from $ 5 thousand to $ 15 thousand “In any case, such amounts give for card prospectors in Rivne region”, – said Nikolaichuk.

In the past year due Nikolaychuk Ukraine learned about the barbaric and large-scale extraction of amber in Olevsk district, Zhytomyr region. So to trust the sources of the journalist.

Geologists themselves about possible deposits of amber in the exclusion zone they say cautiously and asking them not to refer. “I do not want to be associated with this dirty trade”, says the geologist Dmitry. However, he does not exclude that in the North of Kiev and Zhitomir regions can be solnechnogo extraction of the stone. Including, and in the exclusion zone.

There promising. Local “lenses” and “pockets” of amber can be in the basin of the Dnieper and the Pripyat basin

Geologist Dmitry

“There’s promising, he said. – Local “lenses” and “pockets” of amber can be in the basin of the Dnieper and the Pripyat basin. For example, last year students-geologists were digging under the upper town quite successfully. And once a couple of miners even came to me to consult. Brought no card, and its a piece. And ask: is it worth to go or not… Actually, we now, as in America during the Gold rush, all for good luck. Threw the pump started working, it turned out – well, not quite – let’s move on. For such seekers of “pot of gold” exclusion zone tidbit”.

According Nikolaychuk, the number of miners in the Chernobyl forests are growing by leaps and bounds. “As far as I know, on the territory that borders the exclusion zone and within the Zone the hunt for a sun stone already underway, he says. – Catch hunters amber is difficult. No podjazdow to forests – everywhere off-road, but prospectors in search of stone remain in the woods for weeks. Therefore, to calculate their quantity and to assess the extent of the fishery is not possible”.

I’ve heard about illegal mining of amber on the territory of Chernobyl alienation and the squatters. “Amber tried to look in the area near the village new building, it Narodichskiy district, Zhytomyr region, they claim. – But found nothing. Do not be surprised if you get up to us. At the checkpoint not at all the racks look, and the posts can just drive around. This is not everywhere the impenetrable thicket, forest is cut down, transported, and amber to arrive. Metal burial grounds were taken? Why is amber not to get it?”.

Radiation miners are not afraid. “Why do they fear? – asks a rhetorical question Nikolaychuk. Amber craft and without this, dangerous to health, all miners breathing poisonous swamp vapors, and hours of freezing in cold water. Still unclear, what is more dangerous – radiation or evaporation wetland”.

Can a craft amber to be a niche for earnings of certain law-enforcement services? Officially the police about the presence of miners in the exclusion zone is not confirmed. “Chernobyl forests, as we know, protected by the police, and now the patrol was joined by border guards, – said the speaker of the management of Netpolice in Kiev region Nikolay Zhukovich. – They are searching the perimeter and not let other people”.

Anonymous the police are recognised: artisanal miners in the forests of the Zone are. But how successful their craft, unknown. While none of them was arrested

At the same time anonymously to the police are recognised: artisanal miners in the forests of the Zone are. But how successful their craft, unknown. While none of them was detained.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you find that there has been successfully dig the amber – a veteran of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, the liquidator of the Chernobyl accident Alexander Naumov. – Now the protection Zone significantly reduced. As such, perimeter, and, hence, the barriers for the seekers of easy money no longer exists”.

“That in the exclusion Zone were detained miners of amber, I have not yet heard, — said the speaker of the SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya. — Although I do not exclude that such information is there. To deny the fact that individual employees of the SBU are related to the amber craft, I won’t. The problem does exist, and we are trying to solve. Two weeks ago in the Rivne region, we detained a group of SBU officers and Netpolicy (about ten people) involved in the production of solar stone”.


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