AMC has recognized the stop DneprAzot illegal

АМКУ признал остановку Днепразота незаконной

The AMC considered the claim of the DneprAzot at low prices on chlorine baseless

The company has provided insufficient information on the feasibility of higher prices for chlorine, said the Committee.

The Antimonopoly Committee has considered the application of Dniproazot for compliance with Antimonopoly legislation of the cessation of company production of liquid chlorine and about the increase in prices. On Thursday. On July 19, the press service of the AMC.

The Committee believes that the termination of the enterprise production or sales of liquid chlorine “may contain signs of violation of legislation on protection of economic competition”.

Also, the office noted that Dneproazot provided enough information to provide a conclusion as to whether increased prices on goods businesses, including liquid chlorine, a violation of antitrust laws.

“The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine is not a price regulator. Prices for liquid chlorine free and are determined by the business entity themselves. Approval of Companies that the prices at which JSC Dniproazot implemented and planned to implement chlorine, significantly below market due to the regulation region, and inefficient state intervention in economic activity, not based on the current legislation”, – explained in AMKU.

In this case, said the Committee, links of Dniproazot on middlemen, who supply liquid chlorine to the enterprises of centralized water supply at prices significantly higher selling prices, are unfounded.

In this case, the AMC noted that the law does not prohibit the company to determine prices for their products.

Earlier, Vice-President of the Association of vodokanals of Ukraine Olga Babiy said that Dniproazot ready in three days to fully run the production of chlorine. Meanwhile, in Ukraine began to import chlorine from Romania.


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