AMC will restart under the leadership of the current head

АМКУ перезапустят под руководством нынешнего главы

Zelensky said about restarting the AMC

Zelensky said that the AMC will fight the monopoly, raiding and smuggling: the Department has changed the deputies, but the “look” of how to work the head.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said about restarting the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. While the current head of AMKU Yury Terentyev, appointed to the post in may 2015, will retain this position. About Zelensky said at the annual conference of the YES on Friday, September 13.

“As for Antimonopoly policy, we have anti-monopoly Committee. Already replaced the deputies. See how the head of AMC,” said the head of state.

He stressed that the monopoly, raiding and smuggling should be the words archaisms in Ukraine.

Since the presidential election Zelensky changed four couponovernight the AMC, including those appointed to the post of first Deputy head of Committee associate Professor of the Department of legal regulation of the economy of Kryvyi Rih national economic University.Getman Irina Kopaygora.

Another position of AMC Committee vacant in connection with the appointment of Svetlana Panayotidi Deputy Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture. Their positions couponovernight AMC kept Procyshen Maria and Nina Sidorenko, who is also the Deputy Minister that was appointed to them later joining the Committee Terentyev.

Earlier, the AMC has decided to forcibly divide the group of companies controlled by Firtash.

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