Amendments to the budget-2017: increasing the minimum wage, increased spending on education and health

Поправки к бюджету-2017: Рост минимальной зарплаты, увеличение расходов на образование и здравоохранение

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine tonight held a special meeting.

The government approved and sent today to the Parliament for the second reading the draft state budget for 2017. This was stated at the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

First, at the meeting, the Cabinet approved raising the minimum wage to RS 3200 in the project. As stated Groysman, this is the first step in the fight against poverty and the calculations are absolutely real. According to him, this decision, which will lead first to the fact that every Ukrainian citizen who is working will receive minimum wage at the level of the consumer basket, which was approved in early October (as it is known, up to 3200 UAH).

In this regard, the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva said that the need to decouple the minimum wage of ordinary people from the salaries of high-ranking officials, as well as make a number of changes to the legislation. Reva also added that the minimum wage is used as the estimated value in a number of laws, but because they also need to make a change, you cannot limit people’s right to go to court, because the Ukrainians would have had to pay more in connection with reference, for example, court fees to the minimal.

Also Reva said that will be further raised in the budget by raising the minimum wage, and approximately the same amount will go to expenses – UAH 38 billion.

Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that the proposed Cabinet from January 1, 2017, raising the minimum wage doubled to RS 3200 per month – will affect 3.5 million people, of which 2.6 million people in the private sector.

Also, the government in the finalization of the draft state budget of Ukraine for 2017 has decided to increase the size of state guarantees for projects in the field of defence and security on 1 billion UAH – to UAH 7 bln.

In addition, as noted by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk, the government is introducing a tool reimbursement of cost of medicines for treatment of certain diseases, reimbursement – for the most important drugs in the amount of UAH 0.5 billion. It also establishes funds for the purchase of hagiographic equipment of UAH 150 million.

“To compensate for the cost of drugs for people suffering from hypertension. To introduce such programs for diabetes and asthma. We are now all of these mechanisms will modify, but will start work from 1 January of an the amount of 500 million UAH”, – said Groisman.

Among the other additional costs that found the government in the preparation of the draft for the second reading, danyluk has allocated the costs of inclusive education and vet, as well as on combatants and their children. Education the government has identified as a priority.

“This support for individuals, children with special needs, inclusive education, in the amount of UAH 210 mn. It is record expenditure on training of skilled workers General state importance, 170 million UAH For the financing of additional vocational schools. Accounting in education subventions expenses to receive full General education in vocational and technical institutions in the amount of 2 billion UAH. And considering the cost of providing state support to combatants and their children 184 million. Due to these changes and the increase in the minimum wage has been increasing wages in education and healthcare,” he explained.

At the same time, the proposal of the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko about the proposal for the law 5130 include the first step of monetization of housing, as for maintenance and services Manager, decided to consider separately.

Also the Minister of information policy Yuriy stets stated that the project takes into account that in 2017, public television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine will be financed in full in accordance with the law on public television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine.

As stated by the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko, the Ministry of justice developed proposals for parts of standard engineering design techniques.

“We have to be technically correct, the texts of draft laws and specific proposals relating to the merits, but under the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Budget code of the request that we have fixed it in the transcript below was supported and the draft budget and the draft amendments to the law, taking into account the proposals that were established by the Ministry of justice. When preparing the budget is a very important initiative that was taken by the Ministry of economy, this year was the first time, public tenders for investment projects. We are talking about Ohmadet, and the reform of the prison service, and the construction of a new prison near Kiev”, – he explained.

Also received a number of comments from the Ministry of internal Affairs.

“The comments that we discussed. regarding the Committee for social policy and provide officers and soldiers of the ATO. What we were talking… And we also discussed. I want to document found development, where we talk about the reform of emergency Services, to financial security, especially for units operating in the ATO area in the Donetsk, Luhansk region, we can update equipment,” – said Avakov.

In General, as promised Groisman, next year will be a breakthrough year, when the government can ensure economic growth and new quality of people’s lives. The government assumes optimistic economic growth in 2017 at around 3%.