American scientists have created the “condom of the future”

Американские ученые создали "презервативы будущего"

They have special coating that reduces the coefficient of friction when in contact with water.

Scientists at Boston University have been able to solve the problem of lack of lubrication that occurs when you use condoms. They have developed a coating reduces the coefficient of friction when in contact with water by hydrophilic polymers. This writes the New York Post.

With a new cover condoms more slip than usual, and not lose these properties over time.

For their production, experts have used latex, which is coated with a mixture of a hydrophilic polymer.

The new product passed the test, which is covered by a hydrophilic polymer latex Ter about the polyurethane surface is covered with water, with a speed of 22 mm / second. The same test was subjected to ordinary latex, coated with a lubricant, water-based.

In the end we found out that the coefficient of friction between the latex coated with hydrophilic polymers and polyurethane surface during the experiment was 53 percent lower than normal latex, and is approximately equal to the ratio, which is achieved by friction of the lubricant is covered with latex.

However, for testing the result of a simple latex with lubricant gradually decreased, while as processed the new coating, the latex remained stable.

Earlier it was reported that the United States has created condoms from hydrogels that increase sexual arousal.

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