Among the things the ancient shaman found the cocaine

Среди вещей древнего шамана нашли кокаин

In the bag of the ancient doctor found cocaine

The scientists examined the composition of the pouch used by the shaman 1100 years ago, and found drugs.

At the University of Pennsylvania scientists have discovered the cocaine in the drugs of the ancient shaman. It is reported by Naked Science.

In Bolivia, the mountain system of the Andes at an altitude of four thousand meters was discovered a cave. It experts have found the burial of an ancient shaman. In the grave was also a herbalist bag with several items. Among them was found a bag with some drug.

The scientists analyzed the substance from the bag and learned that it contains several hallucinogenic and narcotic substances; benzoylecgonine, bucovinean, Garmin, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and cocaine.

The find dates back to around 900-1100 years BC. It is noteworthy that most discovered drugs of plant origin does not grow in this region. Scientists believe that this is proof of the extensive trade relations that existed in Central and South America at the time.

Previously found the remains of the ancient people of unknown species. It was also reported that in Pompeii found an ancient Roman fast food.

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