An alternative in the form of bail when arrested, and sometimes severely hampered the activities of the NEB, – Sytnik

Альтернатива в виде залога при аресте иногда сильно мешает деятельности НАБУ, - Сытник

An alternative in the form of bail upon arrest, sometimes greatly interferes with the activities of NABOO. In an interview with “UKRINFORM” said the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Sytnyk.

“Now, with the election of a preventive measure for the suspect in a criminal corruption offense proposes an alternative – a collateral. People make millions in and out of custody, and we do not have time to conduct investigations, secure evidence. Sometimes it is a hindrance. Unfortunately, there is even a case when because of this (the duty of a judge to set bail – ed.) the judge disappeared. Now he is wanted”, – he said.

He noted that at the legislative level in Ukraine there is no mechanism to deal with the investigation.

“Therefore, we are unable to offer the man a suspended sentence or the imposition of punishment below the limit of the sanctions of the Criminal code in exchange for cooperation. And this puts us in a position where, for example, in the production of embezzlement in especially large size provides punishment from 7 till 12 years, we can invite for the person who plays the most role in the crime, 7 years of imprisonment. This offer cannot be configured to cooperate with the investigation,” – said Sytnik.

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In hisopinion, it is necessary to prescribe in legislation the ability to assign more lenient punishments to those who help the investigation and compensated in full the losses caused by their actions to the state.

He also commented on the need to change the current law on NABOO.

“Now the Bureau has the opportunity to file a claim, but to represent the state’s interests in court is the Prosecutor General’s office. The NAB may not act as a third party in disputes, administrative, economic and civil nature. For example, in the framework of a commercial dispute can be transferred the assets which are the subject of the crime investigations, conducts anti-corruption Bureau. That is, in fact, we are somewhat constricted in the implementation of its powers”, – he said.

He said that this complicates the proof of the corruption scheme, prosecution and asset recovery to the state.

In addition, according to him, it is necessary to settle the question of the service persons officers of the Bureau.

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“This is operational management, people in uniform, but this law sends them to order on service in bodies of internal Affairs. We have the bodies of internal Affairs: was the police – became the police. Therefore, we developed a bill that will give me the opportunity to approve the provision of the service. It does not apply to any authority, is it just a technical issue. There are a number of other technical laws, which do not require conceptual discussion in the Verkhovna Rada”, – summed up Sytnik.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has recalled the Parliament on the need to cancel the bail as a preventive measure for corruption.