An elderly woman was cheated Pension Fund in 100 thousand hryvnias

Пожилая женщина обманула Пенсионный фонд на 100 тысяч гривен

Grandmother accused of fraud on a large scale

For 15 years a pensioner received two pensions.

A resident of the village of Hvizdets ‘ Ivano-Frankivsk region over the years have received in the Pension Fund payments to deceased sister, said Today.

After the death of her sister woman had continued to receive her pension payments. However, she received a pension for the dead in the same Bank branch for 15 years.

According to the woman, after the death of her sister she didn’t pass the documents to the relevant authorities. A similar appearance helped to deceive the staff Pension Fund.

About the Scam, the woman is not even told family.

Thus the pensioner took revenge on the state that she was not allowed to issue guardianship over his mentally ill sister. For 15 years she has received almost 100 thousand hryvnias. The funds she spent mostly on drugs.

“I thought I was going to take the money a year or two, for what he gave. And I learned to take the money, and I didn’t know what to do next. Go to jail,” admitted the woman.

Meanwhile, in the village called the pensioner “a quiet, little, imperceptible woman” and recognized that “no one would have thought that she could be capable of such”.

More than 100 thousand hryvnia, illegally got a woman, she’s long been spent, supposedly on drugs. At the same time, the money she would have to return, because the court found her guilty of using forged documents and fraud.

As reported, the average pension in the country is 2448 UAH.

We will remind, the Cabinet of Ministers would develop a mechanism to increase pensions to people with more seniority, but because of the economic situation in a lifetime receiving low wages.