An eyewitness told about the suicide of the Kiev political scientist

Очевидец рассказал о самоубийстве киевского политолога

Became known the circumstances of the suicide by a political analyst Andrei Doroshenko

Police confirmed that the deceased is a political scientist Andrey Doroshenko.

The inhabitant of Kiev Andrey Nazarenko, who called an ambulance after finding the body of a man near the house in Solomenskiy district of Kiev confirmed that from the window of 9th floor fell out political analyst Andrei Doroshenko. About it reports “UKRINFORM”.

“I called the ambulance at 13:52, the fall is not seen, but on the 9th floor on the windowsill in the hallway, the police recorded the footprints of the fallen. Signs of a struggle were recorded. The ambulance arrived in literally 2 minutes. The police ran them and said it political scientist Andrey Doroshenko,” said he.

Kiev also reported that the police questioned him as a witness in the case. He also noted that about 40 minutes ago police have completed work at the scene. Police found the victim’s wallet, which, according to an eyewitness, was approximately UAH 500.

Reportedly, the analyst did not live in this house, but at a different address – on the prospect estate.

“His wife was at the cottage in the country and said that leaves. It became known that the analyst does not live in that house, from which he dropped out, and 5 minutes ‘ walk from there, in the Avenue of Gratifying,” said Nazarenko.

As previously reported, in the Solomensky district of Kiev from the ninth floor of a building down the street Donets, 21-A fallen man. The deceased was a well-known political analyst and a frequent guest for broadcast on television.