An insult to the Ukrainians. Foreign media on the Ukraine

Оскорбление украинцев. Зарубежные СМИ о Малороссии

The words of the leader of the separatists Alexander Zakharchenko discussing around the world.

The statement of the leader of the separatists of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko on the creation of the state of the Ukraine literally blew up the media space.

Zakharchenko actively commented on how foreign governments and foreign press.

Make some noise – Le Temps

“Until the XIX century the name of little Russia was used to denote the Ukrainian lands, much like the term lower Germany was used to indicate the current Netherlands”, says Andreas Umland, a German political scientist, lecturer at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.

“The concept of Ukraine again appeared several years ago in the speech of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who expressed the idea that such a word is designated land, and thus a large part of Ukraine belonged to Russia,” says Umland. According to experts, the announcement of this “new state” can mean a change in the strategy of the Kremlin in the direction of extension of the separatist process in Ukraine.

Perhaps it is a sudden whim of the leaders of the unrecognized republics of Donetsk and Lugansk to make some noise because, surprisingly, the Russian media (perhaps unawares) in the first minute took the initiative on the recognition of “little Russia” by Catherine the great.

Pro-Russian separatists in favor of the state in which “the activities of all political parties will be abolished.” But, of course, they don’t want to give up the freedom of visa-free travel to Europe, recently acquired by Ukraine.

Blackmail Of The Kremlin – Die Welt

The creation of the Ukraine in the East of Ukraine can be used by the Kremlin to further blackmail Kiev and the West, and can serve as a distraction.

Moscow wants to force Ukraine to recognize the “Autonomous status” of Donetsk and Lugansk, “not bringing out Russian military, not disarming “separatist” gangs and not returning control of the border with Russia, Ukrainian authorities”.

Moscow officially adheres to the Minsk agreements, but not going to fulfil their obligations and continues to support their proteges, to build on the Donbass parallel quasi-governmental structures, the article says. In the region “thrives terrorist outrage, denied party, and, according to the founders of the Ukraine, so should remain so”.

For Russia the main thing – to destabilize Ukraine and prevent it from moving in the direction of a democratic Europe. It is no coincidence that the proclamation of the pseudo coincided with the anniversary of the crash of a passenger plane over the territory controlled by the separatists. There is overwhelming evidence that the plane was shot down by a missile of Russian origin, Putin, however, denies guilt. Little Russia can be in this respect a great distraction.

Blow to talks – Financial Times

This is another blow to stalled peace talks aimed to end the conflict, which lasts more than three years.

Kiev dismissed the statement Zakharchenko, head of self-proclaimed DNR and reported it as a political provocation. Ukrainian and Russian officials warned that the proposal violates the terms of the Minsk agreements.

Intervention Zakharchenko – a blow to the renewed efforts of the United States who are trying to compel the parties to conclude a lasting peace agreement. Last week the Secretary of state Tillerson visited Kiev and accused Russia of obstruction of attempts to resolve the conflict, which erupted after the annexation by Moscow of Crimea.

Zakharchenko’s statement will lead to escalation of the conflict – Handelsblatt

Pro-Russian separatists, proclaiming “little Russia” was very surprised, even their allies.

The idea of their own state in the East of Ukraine is not new: part of Donbass is under the control of Pro-Russia rebels since April 2014, and first they wanted to declare a state of “Novorossiya”, which consisted of vast territories in the East and South of Ukraine. Several times the rebels called their main purpose of joining Russia by the example annexed in 2014 Crimea. However, each time the Kremlin has denied them.

During the second attempt Zakharchenko called the capital of the new country’s Donetsk and Kiev took the status of a historical and cultural center. Zakharchenko said that little Russia is a multinational state, a “bridge” between East and West. According to Zakharchenko, the rapprochement with the East should happen through reintegration in the CIS and joining the Moscow-driven Eurasian economic Union (EEU). Regarding the Western Zakharchenko interest received by the Kiev visa-free regime with the EU.

From a military point of view, the statement Zakharchenko “will not lead to any consequences, of a major rebel offensive with the aim of changing the front line will not,” the article says. However, the fighting in the Donbass continue, and tensions in the region after the words Zakharchenko in any case increase. Now discussed in Kiev initiatives for the lifting of the blockade and the end of the so-called anti-terrorist operation will definitely be curtailed. The head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin accused Russia of trying to play the “Abkhazian scenario”.

Provocation at the highest level – Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Analysts from Moscow to Paris I bet, made it the leader of the separatists Alexander Zakharchenko himself or he was given instructions from Moscow. For what it’s worth, the statement about the proclamation of a new state called Ruthenia will affect the Minsk process and the situation around the line of contact between Ukrainian army and separatists backed by Russia.

“All this “hype” about the imaginary state of little healthy. The main thing here is that the Donbass is not fighting for secession from Ukraine and for its integrity”, – quotes RIA Agency “news” the person who, according to the report, recounted the opinion of the adviser to the Russian President Vladislav Surkov.

Ukrainian political analyst of the independent center for “Development of Ukraine” Alexander Rechmedilov believes that “what happened in the first place was intended to provoke the Ukrainian government into hasty remarks.” In addition, “Zakharchenko was read his statement from a sheet, like an unfamiliar text.” “Apparently, the provocateur whispered something in his ear” – sure Rechmedilov.

Project little provocative for all Ukrainians: the territory of today’s Ukraine was called Little Russia during tsarist Russia as long as Ukrainian national movement in the mid-nineteenth century has not disowned him, taking the name of Ukraine. It became the step to statehood, which many supporters of Russian imperialism challenge so far.

“Actually, provocations occur each time before the meetings of the contact group with representatives of Kiev and the separatists – said Rechmedilov. And the best option would be just to ignore them, because every review gives them additional weight.”

An insult to Ukrainians – The Washington Post

News about proposal to create little Russia caused international condemnation, and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called DNR “the puppet theatre, the sending of the message from Russia.”

Remarkably, Russia and other separatist movements in Eastern Ukraine has distanced itself from this initiative, and the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic stated that it has not notified in advance about the Declaration and that the discussion of this project, “untimely”.

When tensions between Kiev and Russia-backed rebels has escalated in 2014, the separatists talking about the concept of new Russia. This name belonged to the territory of modern Eastern Ukraine – land reclaimed from the Ottoman Empire by the Russian Empire in the late XVIII century.

However, little Russia is different from the new Russia. This word, believed to date back to the medieval period, but it came into widespread use in the era of the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century: then it was used to describe the territory of modern Ukraine. This term has long been considered archaic in Ukraine, some nationalists use it disparagingly, it is sometimes used as an insulting name to be Russified Ukrainians in the East of the country.

Despite the fact that little Russia in the foreseeable future is unlikely to be recognized by the state, its proclamation on Tuesday shows that there has been no significant progress in finding a solution to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine since the entry into force of the Minsk agreement in 2015.

Agreed in Moscow – Novaya Gazeta

Offer Zakharchenko threatens to turn into a diplomatic scandal. The governments of Germany and France – the countries-guarantors of the Minsk agreements – has already demanded that Russia’s negative reaction to the initiative of the head of the DNI.

Sources close to the presidential administration of Russia, however, claim that the head of the breakaway DNR and LC are required to negotiate with Moscow its steps, since it is critically dependent. However, who exactly at this time coordinate their statements Zakharchenko remains unclear.

Head of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov believes that politics initiative Zakharchenko has nothing. “The project put forward by writers and bloggers close to the leadership of the DNI. In the manual it many consider inconsistent”.

Head of the Center for economic and political reforms Nikolay Mironov called Zakharchenko “experienced politician”, and believes that to make such statements without agreement with Moscow, even before the meeting in Minsk of the trilateral contact group would only narrow-minded people.

It is possible that the head of DNR was just confused in approvals in the towers of the Kremlin, the first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin. “The fact that his statement matched with someone in Moscow apparently. But with whom is the big question, – said the expert. The idea, apparently, was this: let’s scare the West, we will show that if you don’t make concessions, there will be little Russia Zakharchenko”.

Local initiative – Bulletin

Support of the project “little Russia” was ruled in the Kremlin, and even the self-proclaimed LNR. Judging by the speed and volume of orders from Moscow, the idea of the proclamation of Ukraine is more similar to local initiative than on the Kremlin combination that leaves open the question of control by Moscow of the situation in Donetsk.