An international group of companies Redmond declares raider capture of OOO “Sochi-Ukraine”

Manufacturer of household appliances Redmond declares raider capture of the Ukrainian business partner and General distributor on the territory of the country – ” the Redmond-Ukraine “. This is stated in the official press release from the international group, write “Ukrainian news”.

According to the European division of Redmond, near-criminal structures forced the founder and longtime owner of a distribution company to transfer the business to the management of representatives of these structures. “Within a few weeks after the company “Redmond-Ukraine”, registered in the Shevchenko district of Kiev, quickly began accumulating debts to contractors, while working capital and property, are actively carried in an unknown direction, stolen commodity and inventory, staff are being fired,” reads the release..

The company said that only in the last month, LLC “Redmond-Ukraine” has twice changed top management. During the second month of delayed salaries. There are incidents of blackmail of middle-level personnel threats of non-payment in case of dismissal and threats to the personal security for refusing to comply with the orders of the new leadership associated with undocumented financial transactions.

According to the European units, the total amount of loss staying on the verge of bankruptcy of a distributor may already be more than 500 million hryvnia (slightly less than us $ 20 million).

“The withdrawal of assets from the LLC “Redmond-Ukraine” was made possible by running the classic raider scheme – the urgent creation of the “clone companies” and the conclusion of fictitious contracts on the transfer of assets of LLC “Redmond-Ukraine” in these companies. One of these clones – LLC “Redmond SA” (reg. room – 41030225) registered in the week of December 12 in a residential building on the Boulevard of Lesya Ukrainka, 21, apartment 201 and has an international group of companies Redmond nothing,” the company said.

According to the management of the company, withdrawal of funds from the accounts of Ukrainian partner Redmond has led to the disruption of supplies of home appliances in a number of nationwide electronic networks. In this regard, the Redmond encourages partners LLC “Redmond-Ukraine” stop all transactions against came under the control of raiders of the legal entity and they created “shell companies” LLC “Redmond SA”, and not to conclude with these structures or other similar new contracts.

It is possible that even before the end of 2016 in respect of LLC “Redmond-Ukraine” can be started bankruptcy proceedings. According to Ms. Bertrand, the brand makes every possible effort for an early resumption of operating activities on the territory of the country.

“For Redmond this scandal is the basis for the revision and adjustments to the terms of the contracts for all distribution agreements in the territory of the former USSR. Brand primarily to ensure the reliability of supply for trading partners and an appropriate level of service to consumers,” says Ms. Bertrand. “We must do everything possible to protect the reputation of the brand in the country, the rights of consumers and obligations for the supply of the brand before shopping partners.”

Ms. Bertrand adds that the situation could be resolved through closer attention to what is happening with the enforcement of the Shevchenko district of Kiev.

According to official statistics, in 2015 in Ukraine there were about 3 thousand raids. Most of the victims are businesses operating in retail, agriculture and real estate. The most famous victims were the representatives of major international businesses: American Bunge (owner of TM “Oleyna”), Estonian businessman Hillar Teder (owner of the Kiev Sky Mall), the Italian UniCredit Group (owner of “Ukrsotsbank”, the raiders tried to take belonging to the Bank of the Kiev business center “Horizon Park”), the Lithuanian company BT Invest (owner of the supermarket chain Novus).

Raider seizure in the household appliances sector, yet has only one precedent – the situation now unfolding around, LLC “Redmond-Ukraine”. According to the representative of the brand Redmond, the situation showed that from capture, no one is immune, even large and reputable international company.

Redmond is known as an international developer and manufacturer of home appliances with headquarters in new York, USA, a coordinating office in Switzerland and a network of centres of software development and system automation remote control technology (engineering centers in EU countries and the CIS, Singapore). Redmond products are distributed by authorised distributors of the brand, working on the basis of formal contracts with branddigital. Redmond products can be purchased in more than 30 countries, including EU countries, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and the former Soviet Union.

Since 2013 LLC “Redmond-Ukraine” had exclusive rights to import products Redmond and marketing on the territory of Ukraine. On behalf of the brand, the Redmond company has implemented all marketing and full service of equipment sold. According to GFK, 2013 Redmond has consistently ranked 1st place in sales of slow cookers in Ukraine. The owner of OOO “Redmond-Ukraine” company was Anatoly Ageenko (formerly known in Ukraine military surgeon).