Analysis of the remains of victims of the explosion points to the fallen aircraft EgyptAir, – forensics

Analysis of the remains of victims of the crash of the Airbus A320 of EgyptAir, the Egyptian company obtained the Egyptian forensic experts, points to an explosion on Board. Reported by the Daily Mail.

We will remind, the plane took off on Wednesday, may 18, from the Paris airport Charles-de-Gaulle. He was about to land in Cairo early Thursday morning. At 02:30 Egyptian time with the aircraft lost contact. The plane was nearly 300 kilometers from the coast of Egypt at the height of 11 thousands meters.

On Board were 56 people, among them – one child and two babies. On Board were 10 crew members. Among the passengers were 30 citizens of Egypt, 15 Frenchmen, two Iraqis and one citizen of great Britain, Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria and Canada.