Anchorman: the Russian-speaking – the key to the war in Ukraine

Телеведущий: Русскоязычные – залог войны в Украине

Drozdov Romanenko asked to leave the Studio

Drozdov commented on the incident with the departure of the analyst from the airwaves for refusing to speak Ukrainian.

Presenter of the TV channel ZIK Ostap Drozdov, who last week kicked off the air blogger and journalist Yuri Romanenko for refusing to speak Ukrainian for the first time commented on the sensational incident. On his page on Facebook he published an appeal to Russian-speaking Ukrainians, where the points explained his actions. Drozdov emphasized that in Ukraine with a delay of 25 years made the precedent – finally drew attention to the catastrophic situation of the state language, which caused discomfort among the Russian-speaking.

“I appeal to Russian-speaking Ukrainians with a plea to hear me. All these 25 years you lived in a posh, perfect language comfort, based on my discomfort, the discomfort of millions of Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians, who in their own country are culturally discriminated against and have to endure the dominance of your speech. My precedent was set before you a mirror. Well, nice? Here’s a discomfort because you are Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians are already a quarter of a century”, – said the host.

According to him, the key to the war in Ukraine are “Russian-speaking people who persistently ignore the concept of a single state language”.

“You are fundamentally monolingual Russian-speaking people can be wonderful people to donate money for the army, your sons can serve in the ranks of the APU – but you, without realizing it, are key to the war. Because you, Russian speakers, Ukrainian ignored, mark my country as a country of the Russian world. Your language is the language not only of Pushkin and Putin. Your language is the language not only of Dostoevsky, but lugandonskih mercenary. Your language is the language not only Tsvetaeva, but also Patriarch Kirill. Your speech is making my country a country of the Russian world. The whistle of bullets and gunfire hail sounds in your language… please, think about it,” wrote Drozdov.

He urged Russian citizens to go to the Ukrainian, as this is a “question of duty.” Those who do not speak the state language, the moderator likened to “illegitimate citizens”.

With regard to the scandalous broadcast, Drozdov said: did what you thought was best. “For the first time in the history of Ukrainian TV were confronted with the question: what to do with a person who is fluent in the official language, but defiantly refuses to speak it. It’s not a question of “can’t” is a conscious stance of “do not want”. I did what felt in that moment”, – concluded the leader.

Recall, when Romanenko left the Studio Drozdov, men shook hands in farewell.