And again on 3 September. Memes for the song anybody

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского

The song is the Third of September was again filled with all the tapes of social networks. Users post jokes, memes and kouba.

Every year 3 Sep eponymous hit of Mikhail Shufutinsky fills the social network in Ukraine and Russia. And this year, became a cult song the Third of September marks the 25th anniversary. Корреспондент.net tells her story and gathers memes.


3 September, when the fires are burning ashes

The main Russian singer Mikhail Shufutinskim this year has been 70 years. He managed to become a popular singer on both sides of the Atlantic – in the United States, he emigrated in 1981.

For the ocean, to the native of the Soviet Union gained popularity. Like in homeland, he played in restaurants and quickly found its audience. Anybody soon became the highest-paid singer among Russian immigrants. After that, he became widely known in the USSR.

In 1990, the singer was on tour in Moscow, which gathered an impressive number of viewers, which prompted the singer to constantly come. In 2003, Shufutinsky finally moved to Russia, where he was the main singer and has released more than 30 albums and more than ten compilations.

Many of his songs became popular hits: Palma de Mallorca, the lovely ladies, the Night visitor, and many others.

But it is not the most popular song about September 3, which he first performed in 1993, received a second life 20 years after its premiere, becoming popular meme online.

A possible cause was the binding text to a plain date, and that was the occasion for humor. And the need to block the bitterness that comes in the Day of knowledge not only to children but also for adults, made on September 3 new holiday.

So, in 2011, a popular public in Vkontakte in the picture was a picture of popular hip-hop artist Rick Ross and quote from the song the Third of September. The hero’s choice is not accidental – the rapper called a black double anybody.

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского



Since September 3 of each year, the social network users publish new and old pictures and photoshopped pictures, which, in addition to anybody, shows the fires of Rowan, yellow leaves, and calendar.

The music was composed by Igor Krutoy, lyrics – Igor Nikolaev. Later the composer confessed that his friend and namesake knew a lot about his personal life. However, if the attitude to the Third of September of his autobiography – and not said.

At the very same shufutinski 3 Sep 1995, a grandson. Anybody said that fell in love with the song at first sight. Still there is not a single concert where he sang. The viewers ask him about it.

“The song was a success, I loved her at first sight, as they say, and since I sing with pleasure. What more can I say about this song? I like her, I love her.” govorio in an interview with radio station govorit Moskva.

On its popularity in the Network, the contractor responds calmly. He even flattered by the free publicity.


Memes for the title song shufutinski

For several years users of each 3 Sep collectively gather and post jokes about the song, memes do different, draw pictures, words, quote, successful, and out of place, in a word, celebrate the new holiday on the Internet.

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского


И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского





И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского



However, users start to prepare in advance. On their pages and in the comments under the song shufutinski on YouTube write: “in three days”, “AAH just a little bit to endure.”, “Just a little, and will Rowan burn”, “Well, when is, when urine is not to endure”, “Suffer-suffer! Soon!”, “Not sleep all night preparing. Today we all seriously will be.”

Even before anybody called to flip the calendar.

A friend sent me a reminder! You don’t remember?? #threesentence #nastroenieyu #cuccagna #шуфутинский3сентября

Publication of Mikhail Grushevskogo. Showman (@grushevskiymikhail) Sep 2, 2017 at 7:10 PDT

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского



One of the most common plot of memchiki was the film Groundhog Day, the hero who every day wakes up yesterday.

Finally! #3Сентября

— Mike (@mike_tiz) September 2, 2018

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского

There are also kinopremii. For example an excerpt from a horror film call.

And, of course, the fires of Rowan.

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского

Top songs of autumn

И снова 3 сентября. Мемы на песню Шуфутинского

Kouba about September 3,




The same Rick Ross


Suddenly: Shufutinsky sings a song Moby

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