And Di Maria?

И Ди Мария туда же?

Angel Di Maria

Football stars continue to leave EN masse to work in China. PSG midfielder angel Di Maria, apparently, does not mind

That Di Maria has contacts with clubs from China informs the French edition L Equipе.

In this case, the name of the club source said.

Note that in this season, with the arrival of PSG’s new coach Unai emery, the place of Di Maria in the starting lineup is not always the remains are not touched. Last but not least this is due to the fact that a personal relationship coach and a player is poor. Against this background, the departure of Argentine midfielder looks much more real.

In the current season on account of Di Maria just 1 goal in 15 matches of the French Ligue 1. Also angel 5 helped different partners.

The same news on Di Maria there?

According to the materials: