And when the “elite” and ordinary Ukrainians understand that to play in the giveaway with the oligarchs any longer?

А когда "элиты" и рядовые украинцы поймут, что играть в поддавки с олигархами больше нельзя?

Recently until late in the evening talked to a politician from the city, which three years ago moved to live and work in Kiev. Trying to understand it, and most importantly find out why he in his public speeches invariably are looking for in the Ukrainian society of the enemy. When he finally stop and cease to say that these are “good”, and these “bad”, and that these are”normal” and not these. Well, enough already!

We are one state, one people. And we are constantly, perhaps thanks to the efforts of scientists, some politicians and oligarchs is very hard pitting one social layer to another and contrasting different regions. Isn’t that why we all have a kind of phobia arises, and we persistently seek in the past not the best role model and worst. But there will have been never other past. Our ancestors were decent people, I know for sure: my grandfather is a veteran and grandmother, a Soviet teacher, was not exactly dumber than me.

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Let us realize today. Of course, humanly understandable: it is impossible so directly to admit to himself that all this time you were pawns in a fierce battle of the oligarchs. But now it is already clear? Because now there is no money, no protection, not even dreams. Therefore, the key question is whether in the coming 2017 to unite the rich “elite” and impoverished population for at least one to save the state and save the economy?

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian establishment in the expiring 2016 showed only strict subordination to global forces influence and the failure to reform the monopoly-oligarchic order. And, of course, those of our politicians in government should be sovereign brains, not their home on the Sunny side of Switzerland or Spain. While corruption in Ukraine will be much smaller. Oh, how quickly the new “elite” has determined that it is sitting in power and so she can be on own pocket to get suckers administrative rent!

To this day, has not changed the meaning of our political system: the quick and the enrichment in power. The administration of the President, the Cabinet and the Parliament, too, like their “poperednik”, have adopted this system and tried it as much. And really squeeze! So much so that all colleagues in the West “envious.” Waiting for the return line? So the other day in Israel, for example, intelligent, clever and subtle in our address sent… And our politicians and diplomats, if you do join, you will definitely get stuck in some sort of pandemonium, with loud and senseless.

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And it is no coincidence that today we are paralyzed by themselves. Own opinion about the “greatness” of the stooges and owners of financial-industrial groups, or simply the business empires of the oligarchs. Also the fact that the ordinary citizen can not do anything in government. Plus we are driving to a standstill unfailing self-interest of the ruling Ukrainian “elite” (even after two maidans), as convincingly demonstrate their e-Declaration.

But when they finally understand and the “elite” and ordinary Ukrainians that play in the giveaway with the oligarchs no longer?! Because until now the oligarchs and their sponsored politicians so nothing could offer the Ukrainian society out of this major crisis. Yes, the Ukrainians have a sense of patriotism, but it is not a replacement for the professionalism. “I have not read, but condemn” is a principle of the current “ball”. Lord, how many that ends up in power?!

In my opinion, to reason with them is impossible, the etymology of the concepts we have educated people, one of them is different, ie some invented overnight. To the primary sources and common sense to draw their useless. In my opinion we will never reach the point of dynamic equilibrium, where else can you discuss, but do not hit right in the face. Remember, if in Ancient Greece for the high status needed to be an outstanding athlete or a recognized philosopher in Venice – versed in the art or otherwise patronize artists in France of the XVIII century to be truly an educator, now in modern Ukraine the main thing – to be corrupt and to consume, and the more, the better.

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That is why many deputies and large officials, as we recently learned, thoughtlessly buy something that has no value, but there is a huge price tag. And in turn bamboozle hungry “elite” of the ruling class is intensifying. To be honest, we have in Ukraine, homegrown establishment did everything in order to just intelligent people turn into irrational people. I sincerely believe that our society will no longer remain the same as it was in the last 10-15 years, i.e. a rational society of intelligent individuals.

It turned out that before the announcement of the presidential elections in the United States, which won the Donald trump rationality have existed only at the individual level. Why was this done? And it was done not just. Apparently, this was done because these actions pushed our society Ukrainian oligarchs and fed policy. Therefore, all reform is inherently reactionary, if is degraded and crumbling citizen.

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Yes, overworked! So it is possible to summarize my political Outlook-2017, namely: will not keep the Petro Poroshenko coalition in the Verkhovna Rada, because he has no core competent associates. Travel companions for some short period or a political move it’s easy to find, they are rife. But they all look in different directions and mainly in your pocket. Therefore, their trust to each other is subjected to very great doubt. Today the big question is: as a coalition at all? Now it is only a pious wish of the President to implement “Coalco favor” and the strategy 2020. And the worst is that none of these companions at least some unifying ideological platform. All of this raises many questions, the answers to which we get only after the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Alexander GONCHAROV,

the head of the site,

Director of the Institute for development of economy of Ukraine

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