Andrey Ermolaev: Ukraine will be forced to search painful forms of the world by the end of the year

Soft compulsion of Ukraine to the world, which took place in spring of 2016, may result in the ultimate forced to search shapes in the world by the end of this year. The Director of the Institute of strategic studies “New Ukraine” Andriy Yermolaev said at a press-conference in Kyiv, RBC-Ukraine”.

“Waiting for peace in the Donbass, may – elections, may – Minsk-3 now turns a new ultimatums. Soft compulsion to peace, which we observed in March, April, may, 2016 in the course of consultations, meetings in the “Normandy format” talks in Minsk, may result in ultimate peace enforcement,” said Andrei Yermolayev.

According to him, the expectation of radical change in American and European politics in connection with the elections suggests that, regardless of the tragedies, worries in Ukraine, those who represent Ukraine, those who represent political power, they lose the confidence of our Western partners.

“Increasingly, not only politicians, but also representatives of national authorities of Western countries say that sanctions against Russia as the tool of overcoming of the conflict in Ukraine are ineffective and do not give the desired effect. Roughly speaking, Ukraine will be forced to search painful forms of the world by the end of the year. What is in store – personal pressure, political discrediting, once the plans of Morel in the cube – will show next month and a half. But I am convinced that by 2017 our Western partners will not wait” – said the Director of the Institute “New Ukraine”.

He recalled that leaders of election campaigns in the United States, France, Germany are forced to interpret and comment on the Ukrainian issue, because it has become part of their internal policy. “The incapacity of the authorities and unwillingness to find a formula of conciliation process in the country has become an international problem. Therefore, the world supported, and more active help for Ukraine or war and isolation – that is the choice we will face in the fall of 2016 in the international format”, – said Andrei Yermolayev.

“The problem that we will solve as a young nation, lies in the choice: authoritarian small Ukraine or the new conciliation process, which will change the current composition of the government. This will take place through conflict or challenging, but the national political dialogue, will show it’s already October,” – said the expert.

He also added that the war in the Donbas from the call and from the threat of statehood became a very profitable business. “We essentially experienced one particular, a brutal round of primitive accumulation of capital. But now take an active role those who dispose of military budget, provides smuggling routes, those of the roof paramilitary business”, – summed up Andrey Ermolaev.